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English 101-007
Sia Pantelopoulos
Erika Faist
iProfile Assignment Essay

Of course I love animals, but I also have other strengths that attribute to this position as well. I have good communication skills, I am a reliable and hard worker, athletic, did both previous pet care sitting and dog walking, independent, and trustworthy. I believe some of my greatest strengths that I have is how compassionate I am with animals of all kinds. I am punctual and a great team player as well.

Some volunteer work that I have done was feed the homeless at the Shalom Center in Kenosha, WI. I have only done it a couple of times but it truly was a life changing experience. I also volunteer every year during the summer at my church for our annual Greek festival. I enjoy helping out even if I am not getting paid for what I do. It’s a great feeling.

During my first job at a car dealership, my position was a receptionist. I had to undergo some rigorous training to understand the duties I was required to fulfill. It required a lot of self-direction and motivation. It was very stressful because I literally had only one day of training and the owners left to go out of the country. I felt like I was almost running the place. At first it was very hard and stressful because I did not know the way the business worked. However, I thrived on the whole experience—like the discipline and the deadlines; but I got through it. I truly believe that experience has taught me a lot and it has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I made everyone proud including the owners and my family.

This position that you are offering offers responsibility, challenges, and interesting opportunities. I feel that this is almost perfect for me because I really enjoy new challenges and tackling them in an organized manner. I believe my ability to work well with a team is something that will have a benefit to your company. Another plus would be me having previous experience with the job...
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