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IPL or Indian premier league is considered to be one of the finest 20-20 game in the world of Cricket. At present some issues are storming up after the inclusion of Kochi IPL team. These issues were somewhat surprising for a common man not only in India, but also for any person who is new to the world of business underneath sports. My readers in easterndish blog me about IPL scams just because they trust me in finding scams. In easterndish blog...I do write about health issues and that’s the best reason why I write this article in my dear friend Mr Aswini’s blog. This article doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. Sharing some thoughts...that's all !


My friend Mr X who is working as a Journalist in an International Media explained me about the role and income source of participating teams, officials etc. The funny thing is that we, the mere public are just fools watching this great drama every year. I will just explain where the chances are for officials, players and others to make money out of this tournament.


The formation of this tournament was bit surprise for me as the doubt increased on how tournament directors make money from such a tournament with spending millions of dollars to players from in and out of India. But Mr X narrated the way of making money from fixing tournaments.


After the withdrawal of Emergency in 1976, the political parties started minting money in various projects implemented in India. This became a fashion during the beginning of 1990s. When they get power, most of the major political parties including Congress, BJP, JanataDal, etc started making money through various processes like, Petrol Trades, buying Arms, ships, aircraft as a part of defense development, participating in World Health Organization projects, announcing relief funds for other poor countries, restructuring financial policies etc. ( Just take the statistics of all Scams that happened in past few years and see how much money earned by scammers. Unfortunately, not even 10% of that money returned to Indian authorities).

Initially Honorable Ministers or their relatives in those departments were only generating money. But later political parties or their financial arms started using Ministers to make money and share with them. If in case these transactions come out in front of public, then these parties make those Ministers as “Scapegoats” and maintain their clean image. In India, not even a party is away from this. Some of you may support Left parties about their clean image, but they also learned the ways of making money through various projects as they are doing in Kerala and West Bengal. (Kerala Left Parties own three TV channels, Amusement parks etc.). The fixation of deals to make money from any of these projects is happening outside India. (Analyze and find the name of Ministers who had done many Foreign Trips either officially or personally and later got hit of Scams from back)

There are agents who work similar to Event Management Companies to arrange meeting between corporate representatives and Ministers of India to fix the deals and to deposit the earned money in Swiss Banks. Not only individuals, but all parties own their own secret accounts that contain money earned in several illegal ways.

Don’t stare at me how this is related to IPL. Now, IPL is a major source for some individuals or parties to bring that money from Swiss banks to India for utilize it in investing in various business firms. NRI, Non resident Indian play an important role in this conversion. If we analyze the owners of IPL teams , then we can see huge NRI presence in shareholders.

Why NRI in IPL?

As per laws in India, an NRI can bring tons of money through his account to invest in India without any barrier or using some simple formalities. As you know, an NRI is defined as a person who has a valid visa in any other country and stay there...
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