Ipl Is Good for Business but Bad for Cricket

Topics: Self, English-language films, Spirit Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Self help is the best help
Self-help is root of all success in this world. Self-reliant men do not depend upon others for doing their work. The sprit of self-help begets many good qualities in men. They work hard. They obtain strong will-power and firm determination. They develop faith in themselves. They acquire courage and strength of mind. They can face difficulties boldly and overcome them early. Hence, they win success in life. There is real pleasure when we do our work ourselves. Idle persons depend upon others. If a person fails to help himself, others will not help him well. By depending upon others, he loses self-confidence. He cannot face difficulties boldly. He doubts that wit5hout others help he will fail to do any work by himself. Thus, people who depend solely on others cannot develop courage, determination and other faculties of the mind in them. God does not help a man who cannot help himself. We know the story of Hercules and Carter. A wheel of the Carter’s cart got stuck in the mud and the cart could not move on. So the Carter wanted the help of Hercules so help him to drag the wheel; out of the mud. Hercules told him to put his shoulder to the wheel and try to move it himself. The Carter tried ands the wheel moved on. Unless we try had, neither God nor anyone will come to help us. So self-help is the best help.
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