Iphone vs. Blackberry

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Smartphones are the new generation of phones which can not only make calls, but also surf the internet, keep a calendar, look at the weather, and give you GPS driving directions. I plan to compare and contrast the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Storm so that my classmates will get an idea of which would be best for them. Each phone has different qualities and features that will benefit different people. I intend to explain (1) the functions that both phones have, (2) advantages and differences of the Blackberry over the iPhone, (3) and the advantages and differences of the iPhone over the Blackberry.

Figure 1 BlackBerry Storm www.gearcrave.com

The BlackBerry Storm is created by Research In Motion (RIM) which is based in Waterloo, Ontario. RIM was founded in 1984 and is a leading power in the wireless mobile communications market. The Storm is RIM’s first touch screen device and is available through Verizon Wireless in the United States. (Arar)

Figure 2 Apple iPhone 3G


The iPhone is created by Apple Inc. which is located in Cupertino, California. Apple was founded in 1976 originally known as Apple Computers Inc. Apple designs and manufactors consumer electronics and software products and owns iTunes which allows people to download music, software, tv shows, and applications. The iPhone 3G is the second generation iPhone with faster internet connection and a much cheaper selling price which is available through AT&T in the United States. (Flandez)

Functions of the Blackberry Storm and the iPhone

Both the Blackberry Storm and the iPhone are touch screen smartphones with 3G internet capability. 3G internet is the fastest mobile internet service available today and is comparable to broadband internet for computers. Both phones have the traditional cell phone qualities including making and receiving phone calls, text messaging and taking pictures with a built-in camera. The basic packages for both smartphones are very similar starting around $70 for the iPhone (AT&T) and the Storm (Verizon Wireless).

Unique qualities of the Blackberry and iPhone

* Internet Browsing
* Touch screen
* Email
* Calendar
* GPS – Maps
* Media Player
* Games
* Application Downloading

Advantages / differences of the Blackberry Storm over the iPhone

The Blackberry Storm has a “SurePress” touchscreen which means when you click on a button or type on the on screen keypad, you actually click down like it would feel to click a mouse. It has video recording which is an advantage over the iPhone as it only has a camera. Another big advantage is the removable battery which allows more than one battery to be used and recharged. The Storm comes with 1GB of memory built in and has a card slot that allows expansion up to 16GB. This is a plus for people with a large quantity of music, images and/or programs because the memory cards can be interchangeable depending on the intentions for use. Two other useful functions for the Storm are turn by turn directions and visual voicemail. However, they are add-ons with the Verizon service and cost $13 together. (Verizon Wireless) A few specifications of the Storm are:

* 3.25 inch touch screen
* 5.5 hours of talk time
* 360 hours of standby
* Spell check correction and predictive text
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* 1GB of built in memory
(“Blackberry Storm”)

Advantages / differences of the iPhone over the Blackberry Storm

The Apple iPhone uses the Safari web browser that Mac users are familiar with which provides ease of use because Safari...
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