Iphone Swot Analysis

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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SWOT Analysis
The iPhone has a touch screen that is not only patented but unmatched by any other mobile product today. It also has many functions of other mobile products all in one device oCompatibility
The phone will work with iTunes and other Apple devices
oEase of Use
The new touch screen interface making operations extremely intuitive. It is extremely different from those of other phones or PDAs that recognizes multi finger gestures, just as the human hand normally does oBrand Awareness

Apple is known for their state of the art devices
$350 for the iPhone, which is reasonable for all it can do. It can out perform any other PDA or smart phone on the market and having multiple features in one device increases its overall value oQuality

The iPhone has one of the brightest and scratch resistant screens in the market. It also has a fine metallic finish that is durable and light. The software suite included is also unsurpassed with their ease of use and resistance to computer viruses •Weaknesses

The apple brand is not targeted towards business people, which most smart phones have targeted. Does not have a reputation as being compatible with the corporate world oPrice
Apple foes not yet offer lower priced models for most cost conscious consumers oUser Interface
Touch screen interfaces suffer from the problem of “gorilla arm”, in which long term use of a flat, solid surface for input becomes uncomfortable •Opportunities
oIncreasing demand and expansion to a new target segment
Apple will continue to target the business productivity market that wants an all in one computing solution. But as technology advances and smart phones get cheaper companies also have a great opportunity to target people who want entertainment. Apple will attract these consumers and get iPod users to upgrade to iPhones oUpgradeable

Since software on the iPhone can be updated, it allows new and exciting...
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