Iphone Segmentation

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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The optimal goal of all companies is to sell their product to as many people they can, but trying to reach the maximum number of people is often counterproductive for the company because it could run the risk that by trying to please everyone at the end it doesn’t known its real customer needs and finished not selling. For this reason the concepts of market segmentation, targeting and positioning merged due to or as a response to the diversity of consumers. Apple is a real example of effective and successful implementation of these three concepts. There is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the mobile phone market with the launching of the first iPhone in the market for smart-phones in 2007 and recently the new IPhone 5 has been a success in sales (see graph 1). Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said the “IPhone 5 had the most successful launch in history. The first weekend on the market were sold 5 million units in 20 countries”. (Duncan, G. 2012)

Source: www.digitaltrends.com
In this paper we will discuss consumer segmentation to apply it correctly to the product IPhone 5 (see table 1) and conduct a theoretical framework on the subject, to explain what segmentation is and how it can help us to define our target market and to ensure the success of the sale of the product. The Segmentation "is the process of dividing the market potential in different subsets (niches) of consumers and selecting one or more segments to achieve the goal or target audience." This segmentation strategy is discovered the needs and desires of groups consumers to promote products and services that meet their needs. And Apple has hit success – it has hit right in the center of the target, says Sigal - not because it has become the largest company in its various industries, but because he has thought carefully how to sell their products, and also sell them at exactly the right price. Sigal points out that Apple does what it does best - target a specific market and stay ahead in providing...
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