Iphone Micro Environment

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Micro-environmental factors such as customers are essential in determining the success of marketing especially when the needs of the clients are satisfied. Similarly, the contribution of employees to the company is fundamental in production of high quality products which are highly marketable (Apple, Inc. 2008).  The media is an equally crucial factor of the micro-environment because any information which originates from the media either positive or negative can adversely affect the sales of the iPhones.  Macro-environmental factors include worldwide change in technological perspectives of the digital world as well as evolution of more sophisticated software. This attributes creates an edge for Apple iPhones hence increasing their demand in the global market. The global problems such as the recent financial crisis which hit the whole global market contribute negatively towards the marketing of products (Apple, Inc. 2008).

 SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis involves seeking to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are within the vicinity of the firms reach. Strengths include qualities which may be possessed by the iPhone and not present in other similar models which are in the market. Similarly, strength may be ability of a brand to meet the needs of a particular age bracket thus placing it on top of the others (Linzmayer, 1999). [pic]

Weaknesses are negative attributes especially contributed by the micro-environmental factors such as poor publicity. Such a weakness may lead to collapsing of the brand especially when urgent measures are not undertaken to counteract it (Blokdijk, 2008). [pic]

Opportunities involve taking advantage of the weakness portrayed by competitors and ensuring that the brand attains higher recognition. During the low season for competitors in addition to ensuring that the firm takes note of the activities and in case of any chance of failure to make a breakthrough (Apple Inc. 2010). [pic]

Threats are...
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