Iphone Market

Topics: Economics, Cost, Marginal cost Pages: 9 (1562 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Assumption University
Graduate School of Business
Syllabus 2/2012

| | |Graduate School of Business’s Vision | | | |“Educating Intelligences and Active Minds to change the World” | | | |Graduate School of Business’s Mission | | | |To provide graduates competent for management and administration responsibilities, with a far horizon, a head to think critically and creatively, a pair | |hands to do with a sense of reality and a hear in working with people. | |To generate new knowledge in management and administration in the era of globalization and information economy, with an Asian context in particular. | |COURSE TITLE | | | |BE 6401 Managerial Economics | |LECTURER | | | |Dr. Ing-wei Huang | | |Email: ihuang@au.edu | |COURSE OVERTURE |Managerial success depends upon one’s consideration of marginal benefits over the marginal cost of that certain | | |activity. | |COURSE DESCRIPTIONS | | | |This course is about the study of economic theories and its analysis and application in business decision-making. | | |This course will cover demand analysis and estimation, production and cost analysis, profit maximization in various| | |market structures, business competitive structure analysis and macroeconomic analysis for managerial decision | | |making. | |COURSE OBJECTIVES : | | | |The purpose of this course is for students to develop understanding and fluency in the concepts of economics. It is| | |aimed to provide understanding of the methodology and application of economic theories that...
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