Iphone Legal Issues

Topics: SIM lock, App Store, IPhone Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: February 3, 2013

During the time since the iphone was release back in June 2007, there have been many legal issues that have presented themselves. Most of these legal issues started when people started noticing that the iphone was able to be jail broken. This means that they can download free software and use it to unlock and phone that he or she wishes to. Many problems started occurring because this caused a birch of contract with the service provider AT&T. With all that being said AT&T has decided to interfere in the iphone unlocking trend that has come to a rather large proportion over the last period. Uniquephones has been one of the first websites that has offered people the option of jail breaking a phone and AT&T wasn’t so happy about that. They were informed that they would be receiving a call my AT&T’s lawyers. The law firm stated that the company was about to qualify for copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination actions. Uniquephones has decided to listen to some legal advice before they actually go through with their intention on providing the iphone software for unlocking the phones. The Copyright Act protects Iphone firmware, as it is the case with any coded devices. Still, an exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) states that handset users can unlock their phones in order to connect to a wireless telephone communication network. The main reason that unlocking these phones is such a big issue is to gain a profit from selling the unlocked version of the specific devices. To put it clearer, users can unlock their personal handsets, but are not allowed to do this at a large scale, for commercial purposes. If people do decided that they want to unlock their phone there are a lot of draw backs by doing so. They won’t be fully covered; this means that the warranty on your phone would be void. This also means that Apple would stop supporting the phone, the quality of the phone won’t be the same and...
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