Iphone Case Study

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Marketing Strategy
Case Study


1. On June 29, 2007, Apple Inc. (Apple) launched its mobile phone, branded as the 'iPhone,' in the US, marking its entry into the highly competitive mobile phone market. The telecom industry had been agog about this new mobile phone, ever since Apple made an announcement in this regard in January 2007. Some of Apple's fans who had been waiting for 'iDay,' as the launch date of the iPhone was called, formed queues outside the Apple's stores to buy it immediately after the launch. Estimates of the sales of iPhones ranged from 500,000 to 1 million units in the first two days of its launch. Though the actual sales figures were a lot less than that, it was still a very successful launch. The foundations for the development of the iPhone were laid in 2003 when Jobs declared at an executive conference, "D: All Things Digital," that the future of mobile communication and information exchange lay with mobile phones. 2. His vision for mobile, and for a mobile ecosystem, helped fuel the first iPhone five years ago, and later products like the App Store and the MacBook Air. These are products that, before Jobs put his touch on it, all but floundered in the mainstream or never surfaced at all. The mobile phone market was simply a messy cacophony of devices until the iPhone debuted in all of its touchscreen wonder in 2007. Competitors were light years behind Jobs' creation and even with the debut of the first Android phone more than a year later; it took a long time for the competition to catch up. It took both vision and the fearless ability to follow through on that vision to make the iPhone happen, and when it did the rest of the market had to play catch up.

3. Three key elements of successful strategy and jobs seems to have understood the importance of all three: the creation of a unique and valuable position in the marketplace, the willingness to make trade-offs in order to maximize the company`s competitive advantage, and...
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