Ipad vs. Galaxy Tablet

Topics: Laptop, Mobile phone, Netbook Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: April 16, 2013
When you want to surf the Internet, what gadgets do you most commonly use: laptop computers, smart phones, or cell phones? Nowadays, many people have smart phones and laptops. However, we now also have access to tablets. So now we will compare two of the newest most commonly used tablets. One is the new iPad, manufactures by Apple, and the other is the Galaxy tablet note 10.1, by Samsung. The tablets are quite expensive, the iPad is however priced at $629 and the galaxy note is $499. Both are high-resolution tablets. One can get normal usage out of the two if the batteries are fully charged. The main difference lies in the operating software and various other features, one being iOS whereas the latter is android. First of all we will examine the size. The new iPad is 9.50 inches high and 7.31 inches wide. On the other hand, the Galaxy note is 10.3 inches high and 7.1 inches wide. Hence, the Galaxy note is a bit bigger than the iPad. These sizes are almost half of a laptop. But the depths of the tablet are very different from a laptop. Galaxy note is a little thinner than the iPad. Moreover, there are great differences in their connections; the Galaxy note has a USB port whereas the iPad does not. The iPad supports 3G Internet, 4G Internet and Wi-Fi Internet, none of which are supported by the Galaxy note. Another important aspect of the two is their respective weights. The new iPad is 1.44 pounds whereas the Galaxy note is 1.31 pounds. These are like 20 oz. plastic bottles of water. This makes the iPad a little heavier than the Galaxy note. It is a small difference but it plays a big role because tablets are used frequently and are very useful. They are supposed to be portable for daily use and flexible usage. Finally, we will focus on their prices and critique some reviews. Both these devices have a rating of 4.5. However, the Galaxy note is priced at a reasonable rate and is more affordable. According to phonearena.com “From a distance, the two look similar...
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