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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Here Comes the iPad Mini
Apple has done it again. The iPad mini is the latest Apple idea that could be in stores by November. The global popularity of the iPad has triggered Apple to make this new smaller version of the product. As we all know, every new Apple creation of the last decade has made an enormous hit. These products have changed the way we use cellphones and listen to music. Also, Apple has sparked a new way to use the worldwide web with the massive improvement of the tablet. Apple has made a name for itself that makes people deeply desire whatever they come up with. The questions that I have are: Is the success of the iPad mini inevitable, and do people buy Apple products just for the name, or because it is actually useful or entertaining?

When you examine the qualities of the iPad mini they do not seem to be any better than the newest iPad besides being smaller. In some categories, it actually is downgraded from the original sized iPad. With those things being said, the mini iPad is still more expensive. Naturally, these conditions would make initial sales be lower for the mini iPad than other Apple products’ initial sales. I doubt this will happen though. The crazy Apple advocates are still going to buy it, and by no means is that a small group. Just around Georgia Tech campus you can find the single bitten apple logo everywhere, and I am certain campuses from Europe to Japan have this same trend going on. This Apple craze is taking over the technology world and is the prime reason why the iPad mini will be a big success for Apple.

Apple could come up with the most pointless item to sell, and the world would still go bananas. I am not saying that the company makes subpar electronics, but they could if they wanted to and still make a profit. The mindset of humans today to have all the new fads is what creates this to happen. I confess that I have caught this contagious mentality. I will try to constrain myself from buying the new mini iPad,...