Ipad & Laptop

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Ipad & laptop

Nowadays , internet is no longer just about e-mail and web sites .The net has become essential element in our life .We need it for every things to communicate , surfing the web, latest news , searching ,e-commerce ,business activities and read the newspaper .So we need it at any were we are .At the school , university , work , even at the shopping to see the latest things and to compare the prices . So easiest to carry the laptop or the Ipad any were we want instead of the big desktop PC .There are many similarities and differences between the ipad and the laptop.

One of the differences is shapes .On the on hand the ipad is thinner and lighter , so it feels more comfortable in your hands. It's height 9.5 inches , width 7.31 inches, depth 0.34 inch and weight 1.33 pounds .On the other hand the laptop is heavier a wider than the ipad . It's height 23.5 inches , width 20.5 inches, depth 1.7 inch and weight 15 pounds.

Price is another similarities. Both of them the prices starts from 250 to 500 depending on applications company ,quality , memory , with camera or not , wi-fi of wi-fi +3G , and storage capacity. for example :the apple ipad is more expensive than Samsung ipad - HP laptop also more expensive than Acer laptop.

One of the similarities is wi-fi +3G .Both of them comes with built-in wi-fi and 3G .With wi-fi the ideal if you have a wireless high-speed internet router in your home you will be using it near a wireless hotspot for example a coffee shop or school library . With 3G includes wi-fi connectivity as well as 3G connectivity, choose with wi-fi +3G if you will be spending time in places without wi-fi hotspots .

The laptop is better for working , make project , multi tasking jobs , the ipad only for surfing the web . I loves both of them but I use each one depending on the work that I need it for .
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