Ipad Internal, External Analyse

Topics: Multi-touch, IPhone, IPad Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: April 6, 2013
R&DProductionMarketingSales and services
Use e-ink, display is designed to resemble printed paper •Offers high quality LCD with best screen resolution
Eliminates glare and reduces eyestrain
Books are easily to download through wireless connection •Can store a large collection of e-books
Many options to edit text
Multi touch interfaceIPad is available in most of the world and in all Europe •IPad’s productivity is very high because it’s strong brand and Apple first invented tablet computer •From April May Apple has sold 1 million iPads

IPad is invented by Apple, Apple is one of the strongest brand in the world •Price range are from 499 to 829 $
IPad can buy in local stores or order online, possible to make online pre-orders •Apple IPad has best quality At&t in the United states are offering two contract types: unlimited data and limited data

IPad is tablet computer invented by Apple and realised in April 2010, it makes a new class between smarthones and laptops. IPad is controlled by a Multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips and it runs a specific applications. It uses WiFi or 3G data connection to browse the internet.

Internal analyse:
Value chain

Apple is one of the strongest brand in the world, and IPad was the first tablet computer. •IPad have cheaper price than laptop.
Many people prefer to change laptops for IPad’s .
IPad runs special applications and e-books, other tablet computers and laptops cannot run these applications. •Can store a large collection of books and do not occupy much place in your room. Weaknesses

Poor functionality for sharing files and printing, cannot download and install many files. •IPad is an electronic device; it is easy to damage it.
Competing tablet computer prices are from 299 $ to 489$ US dollars, so IPad is more expensive.

External analyse:
Five forces
Threat of intense segment rivalry:
Apple Company has huge competition between other...
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