Ipad Case Study

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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Ipad case study
The Ipad, as well as many products from Apple, is a breakthrough in the market, presenting the innovative design and the latest technology that became the main characteristics of the brand itself. Apple is committed to the philosophy of bringing always the best to their customers, valid not only for the products but also for the services provided. For many years, Apple wasn’t exactly what you would perceive as a competitive brand in the technological market. It based their sales mainly on a legion of Apple “fans” that would get fascinated by the products and thus buying more and more. Nowadays, with a more developed and strong position in the market, we can still observe the fanaticism in their customers; it’s safe to see that once you go Apple, you don’t go back. The first motivation is exactly the one I have mentioned above: it’s an Apple product. This is an automatic guarantee of quality and modernity. It might sound a bit elitist, but in this case, the brand is a big booster of sales: when the Ipad first came out in the US, people were camping for days outside the Apple stores, hoping to be the first to put their hands on a piece of technology that maybe they don’t even understand what is it for. Other factor that could influence the decision of acquiring an Ipad is the technology development involved. It’s definitely a breakthrough in so many ways: Apple defines it as “a revolutionary device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and much more”. With the expanding use of Internet, it’s expected that even the traditional things such as reading a book will be replaced by electronic devices that can carry as many books as the capacity allows. You can have all the entertainment you want within a simple touch screen and for many, it’s the perfect combination. Other motivation could be the fact that having an Ipad means that you are “cool”, and it’s definitly something you would like to show off. Apple has turned itself into a very popular brand in every segment, and there’s never a negative connotation associated with owning an Apple product. For people, owning an Ipad would mean that they are in fact cool, chic and to some extent, smart, because it’s assumed that you need this kind of technology and most important, you know (or pretend to know…) that you can actually work with it like a pro. Basically, when owning an Ipad, people feel like they belong: they are with the “in” crowd. I have some doubts about whether people actually need an Ipad, but in my point of view functionality also plays an important role in the needs of the customers. It is something useful, especially if you don’t own an Iphone or you have a very heavy computer that you don’t wish to carry around all the time. In this sort of technology developments, people need speed, variety, quality and functionality, and the Ipad combines all these characteristics into one small board. To sum it up, we can say that we have both needs and motivations that could influence the decision of purchasing an Ipad. From one side, there’s a need for fast and functional technology, with the world becoming more and more electronic as the time goes by, making it almost impossible to not be connected. Also quality plays an important role in this decision: fortunately, Apple makes this characteristic a priority, and the Ipad presents us the excellent quality that we see in the other Apple products. Design can be designated as a need, for its light weight and perfect size that makes it easier to carry around, thus making it more useful. From the other side, we have the motivations that most people wouldn’t like to admit they have: the status. Owning an Apple product is still associated with high status, whether is for the relatively high price, the modern design or just because it’s something from Apple. People feel important and better about themselves when...
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