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Topics: Avocado, Persea, Pigment Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Jubilee Christian Academy
Highschool Department
Grade 8 Science

In partial fulfilment of the
Requirements in Biology:
Investigatory Project;

The extraction of Tannin from the seed of the Avocado (Persea americana) fruit in the production of ink

Submitted by:
Chan, Sharmaine Jesseline C.
Cheng, John Miko P.
Lim, Mark Willard H.
Po, Sheryl Kate S.

Submitted to:
Mr. Marc Paulo A. Catolico

March 9, 2012

Chapter 1: Introduction
a. Background of study
The group decided to select this project because the group wanted to make something that ink would be the result. The group decided to use an avocado seed because according to research, avocado seeds contain 13% tannin, which is responsible for the reddish appearance of the avocado seed when exposed to air. The group also decided to make ink out of organic materials so as to not use chemical substances that produce ink. Since in the modern times chemically made ink is used in writing, which can be harmful to nature.

The group found out that this process is first discovered by the Spaniards when they were in the Philippines. They found out that avocado seeds contain tannin which produces ink when cut, and exposed to air. The avocado seed secretes a milky fluid which acts as the ink when exposed to air. We also found out that a simple cut in the seed will not produce the ink, but we need to really dissect the seed in order for the ink to release.

This will contribute well on the modern days because instead of using chemically made ink, we can use organic material instead. And since we usually throw avocado seeds when we eat avocado, we can eventually find something useful in avocado seeds. All we need to do is to follow simple steps that could save and preserve nature. This way, we could help save nature and the Earth as well.

b. Significance of Study
There would be an alternative that would be parallel to the ink that is commonly used today. The study will be able...
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