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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Individual Oral Presentation Essay
In the short story ‘Let them call it jazz’, the protagonist, Selina, faces a lot of racism from other characters in the play and this in turn ends up having several effects on her, both physically and mentally. She becomes homeless or starts drinking a lot and several other negative things happen as a consequence of the racism she faces. Rhys identified with the Negro community in her childhood, and indeed throughout her life, although she came to realise that her world could never align itself with that of her nursemaid, Meta, and other Negro mentors. She envied the Negro community its vitality and often contrasts the sterility of the white world with the richness and splendour of black life. Themes of attempted friendship with black girls recur in her work, an obvious example being the figures of Tia and Christophine in Wide Sargasso Sea, but Anna Morgan in Voyage in the Dark also attempts to find a friend among the Negro community. Rhys's short fiction shows a remarkable variety of themes. A significant number of stories recall her childhood in the Caribbean and range from a girl's cruel sexual awakening "Goodbye Marcus, Goodbye Rose" to incisive sketches of the narrowness of small-island life in "The Day They Burned the Books". Others, such as "Vienne," reflect Rhys's restless bohemian life in Europe. In "Let Them Call it Jazz," she assumes the personality of Selina, a black West Indian in London, whose struggles parallel her won. Her main message in the story is to show readers how racism affects a person’s life. At the very start of the story, we realise that she is not someone who is familiar with English as her sentences are broken up and her grammar is wrong. This is called patois. The term “patois” is used to refer to a variety of nonstandard languages, including provincial dialects, pidgin languages, and creole languages. One well known example of patois is the variety of English spoken in Jamaica, which is known as...
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