Ionic Reactions

Topics: Sodium hydroxide, Sodium chloride, Chemistry Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: December 4, 2010
The purpose of this lab is to study the nature of ionic reactions through the experiment and be able to write balanced equations along with net ionic equations for precipitation reactions using formulas

First, make sure that the items needed for the lab are ready along with the safety precautions. What we do is mix and observe the reaction of 5 main substances while they are being mixed with 7 different substances in a 96 well plate.

The first column which as the sodium phosphate had a reaction with the five substances inside of the 96 well plate and also the Sodium Hydroxide had a reaction with all the five substances inside the 96 well plate. The other thing that I observed with learning from this experiment was the color that was given off when the substances mixed for example; whenever the barium nitrate had a reaction it changed to a cloudy color white. Reactions of the chemical (equations)

A1) Co(N03)2 + 6 H20 + Na3P04 + 12 H20  Na3 + P02Co(N03)2 + 18 H20 A6) Co(N03)2 • 6 H20 • Na2C03  NaCo(N03)2 + C03 + 6 H20 A7) Co(N03)2 • 6 H20 • NaOH 
B1) Cu(N03)2 • 3 H20 • Na3P04 • 12 H20 
B2) Cu(N03)2 • 3 H20 • NaI 
B5) Cu(N03)2 • 3 H20 • NaHC03 
B6) Cu(N03)2 • 3 H20 • Na2C03 
B7) Cu(N03)2 • 3 H20 • NaOH 
C1) Fe(N03)3 • 9 H20 • Na3P04 • 12 H20 
C2) Fe(N03)3 • 9 H20 • Nal 
C6) Fe(N03)3 • 9 H20 • Na2C03 
D1) Ba(N03)2 • Na3P04 • 12 H20 
D3) Ba(N03)2 • Na2S04 
D5) Ba(N03)2 • NaHC03 
D6) Ba(N03)2 • Na2C03 


I have learned that some of the substances don’t have a reaction with another substance, but on this particle experiment about half and half had a reaction and didn’t have a reaction. The ones that were easy to decide if they were having a reaction changed colors and became very cloudy.
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