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Topics: Marketing, Medicine, Health care Pages: 11 (2683 words) Published: March 2, 2013
On top with iON NotePad
Matthew Barela, Rhonda Berdan, Maila Finch, Desilyn Forbes, Seyed Saboohi, Shailin Suthar UOPX
Armando Salas-Amaro
November 28, 2012
On top with iON NotePad
Innovations in technology, consumer dependence on mobility, compiled with the introduction of the tablet took the market by storm. Apple’s introduction of the iPad in 2010, instantly dominated the mobile computer market (iPad and Tablet Computers, 2012). International demand for products, such as tablets, continues to grow at a monumental pace. The currently available products have a variety of advantages and disadvantages with relation to user interface, availability, customer support, and price.

The re-invention of the tablet provided consumers with an affordable, more available option to technological advances. The iON NotePad will serve as an all-around mobile computer with the latest in health care software. As technology becomes more advanced and more efficient, iON will service the medical fields in Canada. This will allow the doctors and hospitals the ability to save time and money in administrative cost. The advancements of the tablet will easily place documents related to patients, billing, and several other things in the computer system.

The iON NotePad will be easily accessible to medical professionals, with the latest in hardware and software the iON NotePad will be the fastest, user-friendliest tablet on the market. The iON will help the Canadian medical field to achieve this objective.

India’s continuing growth relies on the country’s ability to increase employment and production opportunities for the people. Reasonable labor cost compiled with relatively low startup costs, India presents a perfect opportunity for iON NotePad.

The health care system in Canada continues to grow as does the need for a small, user friendly, affordable, and quality tablet. Health care providers in Canada continue to look for ways to lower costs to provide more services to the patient effectively and efficiently. The iON NotePad will do just that!

Product Description

The iON tablet is design with a box design with curves on the sides; so, customers will be able to hold the tablet. The tablets size will be approximately 10 inches with a stylus pen connecting to the tablet. The tablet capabilities will include camera, audio, Wi-Fi 4G, LED screen, USB connectors to connect to hospitals computers to download information and 20 GB of internal memory space as well as a 32 GB SD micro card. The tablet will use a built-in 25-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that permits the tablet longer use without charging. The tablet will have mounting options, which permits medical personnel to carry the tablet on their side to allow their hands to be free. The software will have the program the doctors use as well as a windows capabilities. The description for the laptop will help the doctors and nurses read the files and input changes as needed. The ease of the tablet, and the operations will help the doctors maintain detail accounts of patients along with taking pictures of certain images for further research for the doctors. The iON Tablet will have a two-year warranty with complete technical support for the tablet or any problems associated with the tablet.

Product Position and Target

The product will be set up for the medical field. The medical field’s use of the technology will make the process of patients faster and reduce the administrative task as well as common errors. The tablets will program information of patient’s personal information, medical issues, and medicine prescribed. The tablet will contain the most pertinent information to the patient as the doctor access the files such as the patients’ health, patient’s medical history, and the doctor type in the diagnosis for the patient. The product used by medical personnel will have security features allowing each medical professional with...
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