Iodine Paper

Topics: Cell, DNA, Gene Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Tutorial #3

1. The discovery of the cell occurred in 1665. The cell has made great progress in the discovery of how humans and other organisms work.

2. The discovery of genetic material in DNA occurred in 1865. This allowed us to determine different traits in mammals. As well as how we can determine different traits, and the percent chance of obtaining these traits.

3. In 1885 the cell culture technique was first developed. This allows us to view cells outside of their environment to study how they work. In turn this has provided us with information about different viruses and how to create vaccines for these.

4. The Invention of the electron microscope occurred in 1931. The electron microscope is used to see molecular levels of the cell that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This has helped us drastically improve our understanding of cells.

5. The discovery of the mechanisms of light-independent reactions of photosynthesis was discovered in 1953. This discovery helps us in understanding how plants work, and how they get energy from light.

6. The DNA structure was first discovered in 1953. This discovery has lead us to understand more about diseases that are caused by missing parts of our DNA structure and how this structure regulates everything about us.

7. The role of Cyclic AMP was discovered in 1971. This is a second messenger that transfers the effects of hormones into the cell as it cannot pass the cell membrane.

8. The invention of southern blotting occurred in 1975. This allows us to find a certain sequence of DNA in a large strand. Southern blotting is also used in cloning techniques.

9. The Discovery of the PCR technique occurred in 1983. This technique is used to copy small amount of DNA unlimited amounts of time. This can play a large role today in forensic evidence as it uses small amounts of DNA, it can trace back to suspects by this small amount.

10. Dolly the cloned sheep was...
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