Involvement of Second Year High School Students of the University of Saint Anthony in Mutual Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Adolescence, Love Pages: 10 (2951 words) Published: January 3, 2013
University of Saint Anthony
Dr. Santiago G. Ortega Memorial
City of Iriga



Mary Angelique Emeline V. Opeña
Adrian Niño S. Ambrosio
Kristine B. Arroyo
Jill Lorraine Laniog
Mark Joseph V. Oñate
Ebie Jay de La Rama
Ruby Anne Dorosan

Chapter 1


People make their own decisions as they reach the right time and age, and when it comes to making decisions, so does responsibilities. In every choice we make, there must be a reason to it. It could be bad. It could be good. They could lead to anything; even the most complicated things. High school days are known by everyone to be the most fantastic and amazing part of anybody’s life. This is when people had encountered significant experiences worthy to be told to peers and interested individuals. Four years packed with important events essential for their learning made them who they are, and helped them to go through life’s more realistic problems. This is when they also encountered incidents concerning matters of the heart, one of which is being involved in boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. Dating is a form of socialization. It provides opportunities for people to get to know each other more. Most of the time, dating leads to relationships. Spending time in mixed gender groups generally leads to twosomes as time goes by. According to most child psychology experts, age matters when it comes to dating. They believe that pre-teen girls and boys should participate in supervised group activities such as school dances, sports events, trip to the mall or the movies, or going out to eat. Most teenagers are interested in dating, some earlier than others. They may say they have a boyfriend or girlfriend but usually they go out in groups and spend individual time only on the phone or text messaging. Teenage relationships have become increasingly common. In the older times, people thought about things like love, relationships and sex only after attaining a certain degree of biological maturity, but now, age is no longer a bar for the cupid to strike. Teens fall in love often and intensely. For many teens, romantic relationships become the center of their lives. Many reports showed a great number of teenagers spending more time with their romantic partner than with friends and family. High school students whose age is ranging from 12-16 years are prone to extreme emotional instability, mood swings, contradictory feelings and reckless actions. Emotional maturity is a matter of time, age and experience. While some teenagers are definitely more mature and serious about life than others, there can be completely no denying the fact that none of them whatsoever are completely ready to handle the emotional stress and responsibility that a relationship entails. Yet a great number of students are observed to be taking part in this deed that requires maturity and wisdom. Teenagers are well aware of the fact that they should focus on their studies first before having a serious relationship. But still, some high school students choose to follow their emotions and desires which is to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This occurrence in the high school division is somewhat alarming for the reason that it shows the hurried emotional phase of the students. They are quite taken with the wonderful things that young love imparts, as shown in movies, TV shows, books, and others. Most teenagers hope to form the foundation of a long and healthy relationship. They search for a partner with whom they can communicate honestly, someone with whom they can enjoy great intimacy. Discovery of such a partner lays the groundwork for a healthy teenage relationship. But it’s almost impossible for teens to experience this ideal connection. Problems in teen relationships can range from incidents that are immature and dramatic to those that are serious...
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