Invoker Guide

Topics: The Wall, Kill, Invocation Pages: 98 (22717 words) Published: February 9, 2013

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Invoker
3. Hero Statistics
4. Skills
a. Overview
b. Quas
c. Wex
d. Exort
e. Invoke
5. Spells
a. Overview
b. Cold Snap
c. Ghost Walk
d. Ice Wall
e. Tornado
f. EMP
g. Alacrity
h. Forge Spirits
i. Chaos Meteor
j. Sunstrike
k. Deafening Blast
6. Tactics
a. Overview
b. Maneuvers
c. Tricks
7. Overall Strategy
a. Overview
b. Choose Your Role
c. Choose Your Build
d. Choose Your Items
8. Roles
a. Overview
b. Support
c. Initiator
d. Push
e. Kill
f. Carry
9. Builds
a. Overview
b. Single Orb
c. Double Orb
d. Triple Orb
e. Variations
10. Items
a. Core
b. Luxury
c. Contraband
11. Advanced Gameplay
a. Shift-Queuing
b. Shock and Awe
12. Countering Invoker
13. Notes and Strategies
15. Conclusion
16. Credits

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There are three main reasons why I choose to write and maintain this guide. The first is common to all guides: I like this hero and want to share my opinions about him. The second reason is that there is a lot of dispute about how Invoker is best played. Though there is always some build that is popularly held up as “the best,” this way of thinking limits Invoker players. My intent here is to try to break some people away from this viewpoint. The third reason is to generate new interest in the Invoker. He is great fun to play, but can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with the techniques required to excel with him. I hope to demonstrate just how enjoyable he can be and help new players find a strategy that suits them.

This guide deviates from the usual format. I do have some of the basics, such as sections describing the hero, the skills, items and demonstrative replays. However, rather than covering a single strategy and holding it up as The One, I am going to go over each and every trick, build and maneuver I have ever seen or performed with Invoker. It is up to you to decide which of these tools you prefer and generate an appropriate strategy. I don’t expect you to read the entire guide from start to finish, so I have repeated myself a few times about important details. I hope you can forgive me this redundancy, but it is necessary to ensure that people remember those points.

Since this guide is longer than usual I have broken up the table of contents, placing most of the subtopics into mini-tables throughout the guide. To jump to a topic click on the link in the table, and to return to the topic's parent click on a topic header. Trying to use your browser's find feature will not be efficient.

The Invoker

So for those of you who may not have ever played him, the Invoker is a hero with completely unique style of play from any other. The skills he levels, which I shall call reagents, max out at level 7. Invoke, his “ultimate,” can reach level 4. The Invoker’s actual spells are “invoked” by casting his ultimate, which generates a spell from these reagents. There are ten different spells that can be wielded. With all these varied abilities the Invoker has arguably the most complex gameplay...
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