Invitation to a Journey, Mulholland

Topics: Jesus, Love, Holy Spirit Pages: 7 (1172 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Invitation to a Journey
Robert Mulholland (pp 15-44)

As I began to read this excerpt, I was initially taken aback by the “concept” that we

would break down our relationship with Christ in such a way that you could apparently

place it in a box. I began to look at the “process of transformation” as just another

persons personal idea of how to explain something very private and personal, such as my

relationship with Christ. Trying to keep an open mind to a moderately unread, foreign

position, I began to understand that there is a very solid biblical principle in this reading.

As I reflect on the stages of being transformed, I can see where, specifically, GOD has

allowed my walk with Him to become more personal, at the same time, more public. I

would wholeheartedly agree that the relationship with Christ starts with a process, I

however felt the process was very much controlled by my understanding and my actions

and my definitions … I felt that GOD did not provide a process easily described or

discerned by mere man. I now have a more complete understanding of what the bible

says about how we are to walk through this “process” … all this said I feel as if my

roadmap or journey is growing and ever changing.

I can say that as I reflect back and give thought to my walk and decision to open my mind

and heart to a relationship with Jesus Christ, it very much was a decision, a conscious

decision to explore the “Christ” character. I believe the Holy Spirit completely enabled

that decision to come to fruition. I remember kicking and screaming the whole way … it

just did not “feel’ right, conforming to a biblical principle and not the world. The

decision to conform to Christs image and likeness was too foreign and certainly far to

uncomfortable for me to adhere to right away. I did not have that immediate AHA

moment and transformation. I remember a very defiant attitude, one that was looking for

the loopholes, the windows of opportunity to blend the world and the Christian life

seamlessly together. I know today that was not and is not possible, I am either living for

Him or I am serving Satan. It is simply that black and white for me today, I can continue

to fight, rebel and live a life without regard for obedience to Christ and his teachings, or I

can surrender completely to His will and desire for me in my life. I can know peace or I

can know turmoil. I can live a life that honors Him and know joy or I can fight and know

nothing, when it becomes all about my desires and me, I no longer am living, walking

and sharing a life that Christ has called each and everyone of to do. True freedom comes

only by true surrender of body, spirit and mind.

I understand and agree with the idea that we have been brought up in today’s society to

have everything right now, right here. We have been trained to get that immediate

gratification and built to understand the concept of “go get it while you can” to “get while

the getting is good” – it is mine for the taking. I lived a life defiant of God all the while

professing that I “KNEW” who He was/is. A lie, I continued to believe in and felt

justified in applying. I have walked many miles in the “desert” of life, all the while blind

to the fact that while I was certainly greatly separated from the life God had planned for

me, He was also right there, right where I was at, watching, directing and holding me. It

is in those trials, those periods of perceived separation from God that He was allowing

me to draw that much closer to Him. I know today that change happens within me,

through Him, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. He allows more to be revealed,

my eyes to be opened and my soul to be enriched every time he allows me to know Him

more intimately. When I realize that it is not about immediate gratification, but about a

process, a period of growth just an infant...
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