Invisible Man

Topics: Black people, Justice, Human rights Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Natalie Battis
Hour 6
Conflict surrounding justice is an issue that is experienced and overcome by many different groups of people. In “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, the narrator faces issues of justice due to his race, and inability to be an equal in a white man’s world. While faced with this issue the narrator is forced to respond to the injustice he is shown, and he does this with his own understanding of the justice he deserves, and with noticeable success; these experiences he goes through are immensely significant to the theme of the novel since its main focus is invisibility, and what one needs to do in order to deserve justice and visibility.

The narrator is never named in this novel, which gives the first hint to his inferiority throughout the story. His placement in a predominately white world also adds to this feeling of inferiority. Injustice is first seen when he is brought to a wealthy white gathering to read a speech, but is first ridiculed by them through fighting and trick money made to humiliate the young black men. When the narrator is sent to college on a scholarship he feels that the injustice of those events is compensated by his opportunity in school. However, when he is expelled his feeling of invisibility grows, and the ease to which he accepts it shows that he may not fully understand the injustice he is being shown by his supposed superiors. He seems to find himself and his beliefs once he sees an old couple being evicted from their homes, and he gives a speech to rally people into standing up for, and helping the old couple. This act shows he may realize the injustice being shown toward the old couple, and that he may realize the injustices shown toward him. After that he continues to rally groups for the Brotherhood, and through that unity and that group he develops an idea of what is right, what is wrong, and the kind of justice he deserves as a black individual.

Once the narrator sees the type of life he should be able to...
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