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Investopedia Financial Transactions

Submitted by:
Osama Abdul Karim

Submitted to:
Sir Farhan Mehboob

Date: 16/may/2012

My report is based on financial transaction in stock market which is based on one of the largest internet site Investopedia. This site was established by Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner in June 1999 and its real investing resource. Currently this site has become respected source for financial statements. For my Essential of Islamic Finance(EIF) project, I have decided to perform 12 week stock analysis using the simulator on investopedia. My capital was 10000U$. I have selected some stock items stocks to start and from there i used different investment strategies, while recording my actions and keeping track of how my portfolios are doing. At the same time simulating the market I found different types of investment strategies. In addition, i have set list of objectives I wish to accomplish by the end of my project. I hope that from this project i will get great experience to manage my finance successfully in the future.

My primary objective is to better understand the stock market. Through simulation I also expect to understand and implement trading methods for gain experience and to be able to use reliable sources of information in making investment decisions, Overall, i hope to implement the techniques and knowledge in this project for make myself more successful investor in my future life.



Gentex corp. makes design and manufacture electrical products which include automatic dimming rearview mirror for the auto industry, smoke alarms and signaling devices for the commercial industry.

|Symbol |GNTX | | |Time period |12 weeks | | |Min-Max |28.69 to 20.82 | | |Qty |2000 | | |Sale |47900 |23.95 x 2000 | |Purchase |48630 |24.2 x 1000=24200 | | | |24.4 x 1000=24430 | |Commission |39.98 |19.99 x 2000 | |Profit/loss |-769.98 | |

In the transaction of above company I faced loss of 769.98 because decision of purchase was on wrong time with wrong bid. Even I tried to minimize loss at least that is why I sold into 2 breakups then May b situation will much better but still i got some profit but my both decisions were wrong.


Helix Energy Solutions Group is multinational energy company which offers creative solutions for field and also offers contract basis services to the energy sector as well as oil and gas sector.

|Company |HLX | | |Time period |12 weeks | | |Min-Max |16.2 to 19.98 | | |Qty |2000 | | |Sale |17760 |17.76 x 1000 | |Purchase |17710 |17.71 x 1000 | |Commission |39.98 |19.99 x 2 | |Profit/loss |10.02 | |

In the above 2 transactions I did not earn as profit as I expected because past performance of the company was excellent, but I could not understand the company history properly and just...
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