Investment Securities Analysis

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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Securities Analysis 1

We, all 3rd year Financial Management of UST, member of JFINEX, were invited to go to Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Trading hall located in Ortigas for the seminar entitled “Investment Introspection: Exscinding the Inquisitiveness Behind the Trends” last November 24, 2012. The said event talked about the capital markets and analysis of trends in the economy. It provided the students learning and comprehensive understanding about technical and fundamental analysis, plus a tid bits of trading and the stock market.

There were three speakers of the seminar namely: Ms. Mary Jane Pangan from the PSE, Mr. Louell Sala, MD., MBA, Treasurer of Philippine Active Shareholders Association (PASA), and Mr. Ibin Sobejana, a broker from Accord Capital. The presenters lectured about the additional information and happenings in the capital market, introduced the online stock brokerage firm, and the fundamental and technical analysis of trends on the stock market, respectively.

Ms. Pangan had her talk focused on the introduction of the Philippine stock market and the PSE as the governing body above all activities because if not for PSE, the economy and the whole capital market will be in chaos and it will really be disorganized. While Mr. Sala engaged us in analyzing trends in the economy and the stock market using charts such as the cup and handle, rounding bottom, MACD, etc., and other instruments. Last is Mr. Sobejana, who endorsed his brokerage firm Accord Capital and their very own hosted online stock trading, taught us students how to trade online, utilize the website and how to look on the board lot table (bid, ask, high, low), charts, and placing orders (buy and sell).

Overall, it was an activity full of learning. It is indeed something that is picked up outside the four corners of the classroom. I am looking forward for more activities like this one but I’m expecting for a more intense seminar, a more advanced...
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