Investment Parameters for a 5 Ply Automatic Corrugation Plant

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Automatic Corrugated Board Making Plant- Analysis of its Viability in Current Economic Conditions

The best benefit of 5 ply plant is, you can deliver the boxes in dry condition much faster than the single facer plant. If you have the kraft paper you can produce the boxes within one hour. The finish of the boxes is better than the single facer box. Even with lower grammage paper you can produce better boxes. The compression strength of 5 ply plant box is about 10% higher than the single facer box. This is my experience. The labour requirement is less in the 5 ply plant and you can use 5 different types of paper, 5 different varieties of paper to produce a single box to achieve a different specification in the box. These are the few of the benefits of 5 ply plant.

Cost –wise when you compare it, to the single facer, when we have more orders we can even go for even 2-3 more single facers in a bigger way. When you have the larger orders, continuous orders, of making one particular box in thousands numbers per day, it is the best. The board will be definitely good and if the order is for 100 gsm, if you use even 90 it will not go wrong in the 5 ply plant. The appearance of the board, will be definitely better than the what we do in the normal plant machine.

to a certain extent there is fibre saving in automatic plant. You can go up to even as low as 80 gsm also.

It involves no doubt very less labour when compared to regular units and you save more on the glue because you use only one type of glue both in the double baker as well as corrugation. In other things you use the cooked gum. Slightly expensive. And any gsm can be handled, there are no problems. you can deliver the boxes to any customer as urgently as possible. Probably, Just In Time can be applied very well here. They are all basically good for the long run. you can set the machine, for the size and specification, can run it for a week’s time without disturbing the gsm and size. That in such a long run is going to be definitely advantageous.

This involves very high investment for a small scale sector. If you want to start 5 ply plant, you ashould have a big order of around 300 plus

good quantity in automatic plant

Minimum should be about 3000 linear meters. It is about 1-1½ hours on our normal Indian 5 ply machine.

statistics / figures to show the cost implications of benefits as well as negative

These are the figures up to manufacturing of the sheets.

Emery Automatic50 paise per kg.
Single facer30 paise per kg.

Wastage 5 ply4 to 5%
Single facer2 to 3 %

Labour 5 ply17 paise per kg.
Single facer35 paise per kg.
Almost double.

You have a saving on adhesive also. In 5 ply machine the requirement is 26 gram dry powder per sq. meter.

Single facer- 32 grams per sq. meter.

These are the major cost effects.

this indicate while energy cost will go up, the labour and adhesive cost will come down.


Corrugator Data

|S.No. |Description |Value | |1 |Width of Corrugator |2200 mm | |2 |Average width Utilisation |80% | |3 |Average width of Paper web |1768 mm | |4 |Maximum Speed of Corrugator |100 m/min. | |5 |Average speed of Corrugator – 3 ply |60 m/min. | | |5 ply |50 m/min. |

Capacity Data
|S.No. |Description |Value | |1 |Number of shifts per day...
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