Investment Mechanism of Ibbl

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Definition of internship program
Objectives of internship program
Importance of internship program
Statement of the problem
Purpose of the study
Rationale of the study
Review of the related literature
Scope of the study
Plan of the study
Limitations of the study

1.1.1Definition of Internship Program:

Theoretical knowledge doesn’t highlight the reality about any topic as clearly as practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is the guideline to gain knowledge about a subject, but practical knowledge is the experience to do something about that subject. So both two are required in our practical life. When we go to work field in order to gain practical knowledge is called internship training and when we achieve theoretical knowledge applied on actual work then it is called internship knowledge.

Internship training is divided into two parts:

(a)Theoretical part: The pre-requisition of practical knowledge is known as theoretical knowledge. As by reading different books, lecture etc.

(b)Practical part: When any particular subject is directly observed and it is analyzed on the basic of theoretical knowledge..

1.1.1Objective of Internship Program:

We find theoretical knowledge into book but we are not capable to use it in all practical situations. But if we have knowledge about both theoretical and practical, we can apply the capabilities in all situations by analyzing problems.

As M.B.A students, we have gathered enough theoretical knowledge & techniques, but our duty to see its application from practical field. And thus internship training holds some objectives. The followings are the main objectives of internship training---

(i)To improve capabilities about forecasting, evaluation, justification and making decision. (ii)To co-ordinate education, theoretical knowledge & practical knowledge will go together. (iii)To realize about practical environment and about related conditions that has vital effect on work environment. (iv)To find out practical problems and to find out implied opportunities. (v)To create opportunities much to solve ling term problem. (vi)To solve the initial problem.

(vii)To help existing operation and future operation of that company, related company, other company and govt. (viii)To encourage further research.

Department of Accounting of Islamic University is executing Internship training by its students, which will be earnable for particular company.

1.1.3 Importance of Internship Program:

Internship Training has a lot of importance in Management. Such as:

(i) It makes us aware of the merits and demerits of the application of the practical knowledge acquired from theoretical knowledge. It also increases our ability to think over the removal of demerits and the acceptance of merits. (ii)Internship training imparts significant knowledge about different survey maters of Management. (iii)It imparts practical experience in the matter of making plans and setting conflicts among the working people of different institutions. A result a trainer of Internship can make plans about production, sale and management, prepare budged can also apply practical experience in the matter of direction and control. (iv)It plays an important role at the time of entrance into the field of action for life. (v)We usually acquire an indirect knowledge about the Management system of the industry-based institutions and other institutions. The practical experience gathered by the Internship Training is useful for taking effective strength about the problems of Management, According and work Management and also about their solution. (vi)The training of Internship imparts knowledge about different effective administrative work system of industry-based institutions. (vii)It helps us understand the inner significance of Management.

1.2. Statement of the problem:
The main business of banking is to provide...
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