Investment and Capital Market

Topics: Investment, Finance, Economics Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: January 19, 2011
2.1 Management of financial services
1. How does the economic challenges of the past 18 months has affected the venture capital market? Have the criteria for investment changed significantly? Discuss with relevant facts. 2. In the recent past many investors lost money on stocks and mutual funds because of an economic downturn caused by global banking and financial crises. At the same time many experts argued that this was a “Real Investment Opportunity” because of the depressed price for many stocks and mutual funds. Do you think today is a good time to begin an investment program? Justify your answer. 3. The Indian corporate debt market as of now is not yet a fully developed market compared to securities market. Hence, to make the corporate debt market more efficient and vibrant, what are the issues that need to be addressed and resolved? 4. “There are many institutions which facilitate the capital market process in addition to banks.” Identify these institutions and discuss the role played by them. 2.2 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE

1. Discuss the usefulness of IBRD in facilitating and promoting long-term investment. Examine the functions and working of the world bank. 2. Critically review the recent trends in the India’s Balance of Payments and state the causes and effects in the Indian economy. 3. Critically evaluate the success of STC of India in achieving the objectives for which it was established. 4. An Indian Company has [pic]6000 crores surplus funds. It wants to invest in international capital market for three years. As an international financial manager you are expected to suggest any two portfolio options based on the above criteria. Make necessary assumption, discuss and justify your answer. 2.3 financial analysis and

industrial financing

1) “ACCOUNTING RATIOS ARE MERE GUIDES AND COMPLETE RELIANCE ON THEM IN DECISION MAKING IS SUICIDAL” – ELUCIDATE. 2) “Revenue expenditure reduces working capital whereas the charging of depreciation does...
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