Investment Analysis

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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While evaluating my portfolio I learned the importance of risk, and how to analyze any future purchase I will make. It gave me a much better understanding of the securities I have purchased and their returns and risks. My portfolio has a diversified aspect with a variety of industries. I think having a diversified portfolio gives me the opportunity to be safer in my investments. By safer I mean that the variation of value and weight in my portfolio has helped my portfolio to create a balance, without creating a great loss. Since some of my securities have higher risk then other, mainly I have more of a conservative approach in my investments. Unfortunately my securities have not met my expectation, due to the economic impact my portfolio has declined. I have a return percentage of (- 3.4%). Some of my securities have taken a higher loss than others. I believe that this is a result of the lack of research and experience, my portfolio is going to be monitored much closer from now on. However, any purchase that I will make from here are going to be researched in more details, to understand their fluctuation and movement. The changes I will make are to the securities that valued and weighted more. In the case Apple Inc. which was purchased at $664.41 per share and its current market price is $ 584.78 per share, the loss taken was very unexpected. Knowing that Apple Inc. is a strong company with an excellent reputation I was socked with the results. My lack of knowledge and understanding coursed me almost $16,000. I will track Apple Inc. very carefully and will try to sell a portion of my shares, hoping that the loss will be reduced. My portfolio is not consistent with the guidelines I’ve established in Part 1 of the Investment Project. I was expecting to have better results in my investments with higher returns. Even though, I have not met my expectation until now and my investments where not well thought out, in the future I will select my securities...
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