Investing Puritans

Topics: Fear, Salem witch trials, The Crucible Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Think about having to lie and say you see the devil or else you get hung. This is what it was like for some of the puritans. The puritans had positive and negative traits, one of the positive traits was, they were fearful. One of the negative traits was that they were strict. In this movie it’s taught to make the right choice. This is explained well in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, and in Johnathon Edward's Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. A few other readings explain well positive and negative traits as well. Fearfulness had it's positive on the society. They feared the worst things to happen to themselves and to the community. By fearing all these things they were very well prepared. They took extreme caution in everything that they did. They knew the difference between right and wrong, and used their knowledge to fight the evil among them, such as in The Crucible. The people of Salem were all afraid of witchcraft. They took extreme measures to overcome the fear that they had, by summoning people to court, threatening of hanging to certain individuals, and threatening their reputations among the community. Some individuals were not scared and tried to stick with the truth, because they believed in God so much. This led them to get hung. The puritans were very strict when it came to church, or anything about their religion. The Puritans believed that following God's exact teachings is what made them great. If one followed the religious beliefs, then they were considered "pure," or a Puritan. Anyone who did not follow God in any way, was not "pure" and they were then considered a descendant of Satan. This is what they feared because they wanted their lives to be pure, not contaminated. If they happened to not follow the rules of God, then the people would think they would have something to do with witchcraft. This would lead them to be punished. Just like in the movie, The Crucible. It was very easy to learn from the Puritans. In the movie The...
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