Topics: Wound healing, Thrombocytopenia, Platelet Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: February 15, 2013
1. Problem:
Does tawa-tawa leaves extract can heal scratch wounds?

2. Title :
“Tawa-tawa leaves extract as scratch wound ointment”

3. Abstract :
The researchers want to prove that the extract of tawa-tawa leaves can heal wounds. The tawa-tawa leaves has the vitamins that is needed in order to heal a wound. Applying crushed leaves/extract of the leaves to a wound can stop bleeding, and it contains anti-inflammatory agents that speed the healing of wounds.

4. Introduction:
we researchers arrive in this kind or problem because we would like to investigate if tawa-tawa leaves extract can heal scratch wounds. As what we have research tawa-tawa is good for preventing and healing pimples, so we thought that what if we will experiment the tawa-tawa as wound ointment.

5. Review of related literature:
Tawa-tawa (Euphorbia hirta), also known as “gatas-gatas,” is a hairy herb grown in open grasslands, roadsides and pathways. This indigenous plant is considered as one of the most popular folkloric treatment for dengue in the Philippines.  Tawa-tawa was able to promote cell production, and prevents platelet destruction. the improvement in the cell bleeding time and clotting time provided evidence that the indigenous plant can preserve and promote the hemostatic function of platelets.

6. Procedure:

a. Materials:
-1 cup of tawa-tawa leaves extract (10 leaves and 1 cup of water) -pan/boiler
b. procedure:
1.wash the leaves
2.pound the leaves
3.boil the extract then add the wax. 4.make it cool then add it on the container.

7. result and discussion

| Kind of wound| Size of wound| Number of days when cured.| Times applied| Wound A| Scratch wound| 0.5 inch| 3 days| 3 times a day| Wound B...
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