Investigatory Projects

Topics: Morality, Heart, Rheumatic fever Pages: 5 (1556 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Philosophical Analysis

1. Clarificatory Probe:

2.1 Are there vague or ambiguous terms that need to be defined and or clarified?

“Vague or Ambiguous Terms”

* In dealing with the situation given, I had come up that there are terms or words that are not clear or too obscure on me. And these are:

* “Jenny became heavy with a child”
* “Rheumatic Heart”
* “Mitral Valve”
* “Medical Predicament”

In regards with the ambiguous or vague terms that I’ve encountered in the given situation, I had able to scrutinized the 1st term or phrase wherein it tells and shows that “Jenny became heavy with a child” with these terms or phrase, I was able to know that Jenny is very much willing or she is very aggressive to have a child. 2nd term or ambiguous term that I’ve encountered is the “Rheumatic Heart” in which it defines as a condition in which permanent damage to heart valves is caused by rheumatic fever. The heart valve is damaged by a disease process that generally begins with a strep throat caused by bacteria called Streptococcus, and may eventually cause rheumatic fever. The 3rd terms that I find difficult to understand is the “Mitral Valve” it defines as a valvular heart disease characterized by the displacement of an abnormally thickened mitral valve leaflet into the left atrium during systole. The last term that lingers me is the “Medical Predicament”. This term tells the problem of a patient. These terms could help me in answering some questions presented in the situation.

2.2 What are the basic issues given explicitly or implicitly in the dilemma?

* The issues being presented in the situation that is clear and present is four years being married of Ed and Jenny in which from that four years of living together is that they haven’t given yet a child and the Rheumatic heart problem of Jenny the wife of Ed wherein Jenny was able to encounter a Rheumatic Heart in which at the same time having her baby in her womb that could cause a dilemma for the both of the his husband Ed and on Jenny herself.

2.3 Are these issues questions of fact or questions of values or both?

* The issues being presented above are both questions of fact and questions of values it’s because we cannot denied the fact that the issues questions that are being presented in the situation are present in every corner of the world, in a narrow sense it tells that there is somewhat similar situation that is happening to a person wherein maybe at some point in time one person is suffering the same situation, meanwhile these could be also a question of values because you can gain something from this situation in which you are to decide the attitude you are to take in situation and you could also learn from that situation.

2. State the alternatives in Clear and Simple terms:

3.4 Alternative X: Jenny should abort the fetus so that her life will be safe 3.5 Alternative Y: Jenny should continue the pregnancy even if she will lose her life

3. Analysis of the Elements of the Decision Environment:

4.6 Teleological Analysis

4.7.1 Which alternative, act/rule, has more beneficial consequences for greater number? (self, community or humanity )

* With the situation given it is more beneficial or has to give more greater emphasis on “Humanity” rather than to the self and community because it is right to give more emphasis on one others because it is yourself that makes you a person, moreover, loving one another is one of the major ways that could help you to pamper situation and to think positively if the situation gets worst. With humanity you are obliged to love someone for you to be loved by someone to, with loving someone or humanity it is become beneficial or worth it in different perspectives.

4.7.2 Which alternative, act/rule, avoids aversive consequences for greater number? (Self, community or humanity)

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