Investigatory Project in Physics

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Cooking Oil – Made
(Focusing on Thermal Physics and Energy)
An Investigatory Project in Physics By:
Today, candles are made not only for lighting purposes but for many other uses such as home décor, novelty collections, as fixtures for big occasions (weddings, baptismal , etc.), and as scented varieties for aromatherapy. Candles are made from different types of waxes and oils. Cooking oil is a major kitchen item in Filipino households. It is also used substantially in fast-food outlets, where it is used in different stages of food preparations. Ordinarily, used cooking oil is discarded. This waste oil pollutes and clogs canals and sewerage systems. The sound of cooking oil as the prime material for making candles may sound cliché. Yet, in this investigatory project, we will prove that cooking oils can be made to candles.

The study we made was not just made for the completion of our physics requirement but also to let everyone open their minds in the possibility of a greener nature. This is our objectives: * The role of the consumer-producer relationship in maintaining a market for sustainable products.  * The role of consumers’ attitudes toward eco-friendly goods.

Significance of the Study
As for consumer attitude toward green purchasing, I believe the key issue is whether consumers” get it”. Do consumers who purchase sustainable products (like cooking oil made candles) do so because it’s” hip” to be green, because the candles are chic, because they feel pressured to turnover a new leaf by climate change headlines, or because they believe in the sustainability of sustainability? While any of these motives is better than none at all, it’s not necessarily true that more is better´ when it comes to sale of eco-products. Only a lasting change in mindset toward production and consumption - not merely the sale of more products –will establish sustainability for the long haul. This is the real light at the end of the tunnel sustainability proponents seek. While a company can do little to control its consumers’ mindsets, it can, market its approach clearly and convincingly, thereby changing perceptions over time.

Scope and Limitation
The coverage of this investigatory project spans from the creation of the product to the connection of the finished product to the nature and environment. This is a combination of biological sciences and physics. This project was made from February 272012 to March 2 2012.

This is the procedure I hope this will help you if ever you’ll also make our finished product. Make an oil-burning candle. This can be used to make any oil holder into a nice candle. If you are careful with the oil level, the wick will be consumed very slowly. Steps:

1. Assemble Parts - Use an all-cotton string for the candle wick. Synthetic fibers will not burn cleanly. I amusing a kitchen string that is used to truss poultry and tie up roasts .Any kind of wire can be used for the wick support, but I had a spool of copper wire on hand. A large paperclip may also work.

2. Begin winding wire - Loosely wind the wire around the matchstick. 3. Complete the wick holder - The coil should be made loose enough to slip of f the matchstick. I use a fingernail to separate the turns of the wires lightly. If the wire is packed closely, it will wick enough oil to burn along the entire copper sleeve. 4. This is the finished wick holder -Adjust the spiral base to place the coil in the center, slightly suspended. 5. Cut the wick - The length is not really important. Just so it is longer than the wire coil. 6. Fill a container with oil – Adjust the wick so only an eighth of an inch projects past the copper coil. 7. Now use your match - the oil may be a little difficult to light, compared to a wax candle. 8. Using a candlestick to hold oil.

9. the wick is not consumed - unlike a wax candle, the wick of this oil candle is supplied with fuel as the oil level goes down. The flame...
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