Investigatory Project About Lotions

Topics: Odor, Rose, Flower Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: March 19, 2012
The purpose of my project is to introduce my product which is “perfume made from rose and sun flower”.Nowadays perfume is the common thing that people are using.Where using it when we will arrive in our house or when we go outside.I choose perfume because it is indemand and many people using perfumes. Many perfumes factory are using chemicals in their perfumes. We need to find another way on how we can made natural perfumes that has a natural ingridients. That’s why I want to make a perfume to show to the other people that my product is natural and eco-friendly.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. What are the other ingridients in making perfumes which has a main ingridients of rose and sun flower? 2. What are the procedure in making perfume?

3. How would it be indemand in other people? 4.What will be the look if I will have my finish product? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

My product which is perfumes can help many people in their livelihood. They can use my product as they collection,scent in their body. In this generation all people where looking for a new smell and a good odor. This product can helps are industry in increasing our economy. I think my product will be indenmand in this generation. It can also helps my family in our income.if we sell my product it can get an income that can help my family in financial.and it can also help me in my education. This experience can help me in collage to make it easy when we will do an experiment.

Scope My product is perfume made from roses and sun flower. This product is made from natural ingridients and no chemicals added. Limitations My perfume product has a limit and no people will be damage and I is will not be a competent in perfume business because this product only an experiment...
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