Investigatory Project

Topics: Cotton, Sand, Water purification Pages: 12 (2097 words) Published: March 8, 2012

In our research work, our objective is to somehow purify dark and muddy water into a clearer and odorless one. The process in which particles in liquids are removed by the use of a filter medium that permits the fluid to pass through and retains the other solid particles. Pebbles, sand, and charcoal are the major components in making the said filter. Since this is a previous research work of the previous Science High student, Ms. Vanessa J. Durango, the researchers somehow enhanced her work. Instead of layering the filtering materials together, the researchers decided to install a filter that is a funnel type one and in every funnel with its corresponding filtering material, there is sterilized gauze before each filtering material.

The pebbles and the sands were then washed thoroughly with soap and water and then boiled for 15 minutes. Also, the plastic funnels were washed with soap and water. Upon handling with the charcoal, it should be added evenly over the surface of the sand.

Finally, secure all the kinds of water that will be tested on the said filter and it will be ready for hygienic purposes such as taking a bath, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc.




3 Used soft drinks plastic bottle (1.5-2.0 litres soft drinks bottle)



Coarse and fine sand


Muddy water

River water


We gathered all materials. We collected all the kinds of water needed. Upon using the used plastic bottles we needed three bottles and what we used is the opening of the bottle. We washed it with soap and water. Cut the exact length of the opening of the bottle until it became like this:



And when we stacked it, it looked like this:


After securing the funnel shaped containers, we prepared the pebbles, sand, charcoal, gauze, and cotton. We washed the pebbles and sand with soap and water and boiled each of the materials for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes of boiling it, it’s now ready to put the materials on the funnel shaped containers. On the last container, first we put the sterilized gauze at the bottom of it then we put cotton. On the second container, same, gauze and then the coarse and fine sand and on the top of the sand we put the charcoal. On the topmost layer, we put the gauze and then the pebbles. The filter is ready for filtering liquids. In collecting filtrate, we put it in a clean glass/plastic container placed below the filter. We used the bottom part of one of the used plastic container.

It looked like this.





Nowadays, we are experiencing water pollution that really affects the living of every Filipinos especially to the less fortunate ones.

So, the researchers made some trials and errors to enable to enhance this previous research work from the previous researcher, Ms. Vanessa J. Durango. Until to that moment that we had revised her research work with better and implementable results. It is, of course made out of pebbles, sand, and charcoal.


The less fortunate ones often wash their clothes, wash their dishes, and even take a bath on polluted rivers and this is a very big aspect to be considered especially for their health.


This study opens another way for us people to be able to use clean and clear water in doing our chores and especially in our hygiene. The study was conducted as a water filter that almost all Filipino can afford because of its cheapness and quality. In using raw materials that we thought to be useless but after all it was a helpful and useful thing.


This study is focused on revising and reconstructing an alternative water filter. It also deals with the assessment of its actual advantage and its quality.

The qualities and...
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