Investigatory Project

Topics: Hydrofluoric acid, Surfactant, Cleaning products Pages: 8 (2003 words) Published: October 31, 2010
There are many dangerous chemicals in our surroundings; most of them can be located inside our own homes. Almost every household would contain cleaning liquids like liquid detergent, mildew removers, insecticides and many other harmful chemicals; that is the reason why we decided to focus this investigatory project on creating an eco- friendly cleaning solution. The problem of the modern world is that we have created far too much hazardous chemical since it does the daily chores, like that of scrubbing the floor, in a faster and easier pace, unknowing that this can harm the ozone layer. Our investigatory project aims to create an environment- friendly cleaning solution using citrus peelings and some of its extracts. With this investigation, we hope to find the answer to our problem; “Can we be able to create an environment- friendly cleaning solution from fruit peelings?” Hopefully, it is possible and we can be able to help be a factor of the movement against pollution.

Based on our research, cleaning solutions our often hazardous as well as corrosive, with this experiment, the group will be finding an alternative from cleaning solutions that contain ammonium, hydrogen bifluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and substances of the like. As an alternative, we will be creating a solution made out of common materials that can be usually found in the kitchen. Citrus peelings such as lemons and oranges contain an acid that can fight of germs and odors, Baking soda and vinegar are the ones that eliminate bacteria and that of the like. With these ingredients combined, we can create a successful cleaning solution that is beneficial to both man and its planet. II. PROBLEM

With the different hazardous chemicals found within the premises of everyone’s homes, the nature of this study is to be able to create a replacement for these chemicals and to successfully produce it. The problem that we are trying to solve is being able to successfully create the cleaning solution we are looking for, using the peelings of citrus fruits, and being able to compare which among the three is the best cleaning solution. Hopefully, we can be able to reproduce the solution so that it could be a product that more people can use.

If the best out of the three kinds of cleaning solution will be chosen and be made using improvised yet organic materials then an ecological friendly solution acting to clean all types of furniture will be produced.

If the best out of the three kinds of cleaning solution will not be chosen and will not be made using improvised yet organic materials then an ecological friendly solution acting to clean all types of furniture will not be produced.

In our time now, the environment of our world is getting worse and worse most especially our ozone layer, which is continuing to be thinner and thinner. One of the causes of this tragic reality is some of the chemicals and substances used in solution products for cleaning and the like.

Based on the researches of the group, cleaning solutions contain a number of substances such as ammonium hydrogen bifluoride and hydrofluoric acid that can be corrosive and a hazard not only to humans but also to the environment. So the main goal of the group is to improve the original cleaning solution containing the said substances and other, more dangerous chemicals. With this investigatory project, a better cleaning solution will be created using much cheaper and more effective materials such as the peelings of citrus fruits namely lemon, calamansi and orange. Improvisations can be made causing us much lesser time accompanying it with the best results for all of us and for the world, most especially its environment.

A cleaning solution was chosen since this is a product that is widely and often used everywhere. If the type of solution for cleaning, which contains so much toxic, is used everyday by a...
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