Investigatory Project

Topics: Muscle, Enzyme, Carica papaya Pages: 5 (1074 words) Published: August 12, 2013
Christian Czar L. Balagulan
Ceazar Ian U. Bagnol
John Kenwell L. Agustin

3 – Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

 Muscles have to endure a lot of mechanical stress; they are made of strong fibers that make them hard to cut, and tough connective tissue holds them together. Individual muscle cells contain microscopic fibrils that give them their structural integrity and allow them to contract. The fibrils have a complex internal structure bound together by long protein chains. The connective tissue that holds the muscle together is also mostly protein.  Papain cuts the protein chains in the fibrils and also in the connective tissue, disrupting the structural integrity of the muscle fiber, and tenderizing the meat. INTRODUCTION

A. Background of the study
We selected this research project because we want to compare the effects of using papaya’s papain and the commercial meat tenderizers that can be bought in many supermarkets. Some people also tried this research project, like Gian Paul Giron, a student in a university in Manila. It spurred me to work on this problem because other researchers did not accomplish in making the papain meat tenderizer available in markets and can be bought in a lower price than the commercial ones. The results of this study can make a contribution to attain a better quality life, because if this will be successful, consumers can now buy a meat tenderizer that is chemical-free. It means that the papaya that we will be using will not use any commercial fertilizers. B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives

We have two general objectives in this study. First, to make our product available in markets for home use and secondly, to know the other effects of papain in tenderizing the meat. We also have two scientific objectives in this study. First, to prove that papain can be used as substitute for meat tenderizer and secondly, to prove that using the papain of a papaya fruit is safe and not dangerous to use C. Significance of the Project

Philippines is a country wherein many papayas are grown. Why not use these papayas to make a product that can be exported to other countries, this can help our country’s economy, because we should export more products that to import from other countries. It can help me also as a individual if our country’s economy will rise higher, the prices in the market will also lower done.

D. Delimitation/ Limitations of the Project/ Study
We have limitations in techniques that we will be using, because there are many ways to make this product easier to make. We also have limitations on tools that we will be using; we don’t have a juice extractor, to extract the juice of the papaya faster. We also have limitations in in knowledge in making this investigatory project, since this is our first time to make a meat tenderizer. E. Review of Related Literature

Primary sources:
* Miller. Proteolytic enzymes in inflammation: rationale for use. Post grad Med.1956 Jan; 19(1):16-22 * Fisher JD, Weeks RL, Curry WM, Hrinda ME, Rosen LL. Effects of an oralenzyme preparation, Chymoral, upon serum proteins associated with injury(acute phase reactants) in man. J Med. 1974; 5(5):258-73 Secondary sources:

* Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 12th Edition; Better Homes andGardens Books; 2004. * Lie KK, Larsen RD, Posch JL. Therapeutic value of oral proteolytic enzymesfollowing hand surgery. Arch Surg. 1969 Jan; 98(1):103-4 Tertiary sources:

* Giron, Gian Paul. De La Salle * Lie KK, Larsen RD, Posch JL. Therapeutic value of oral proteolytic enzymesfollowing hand surgery. Arch Surg. 1969 Jan; 98(1):103-4 * Johnson. Ann – “What is substitute of meat tenderizer” MATERIALS AND METHODS

A. Materials and Equipment
* Unripe papayas
* Meat
* Commercial meat tenderizer
* Blender
* Microwave
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