Investigatory Project

Topics: Skin, Citrus, Antioxidant Pages: 6 (1434 words) Published: February 24, 2013
CITRUS PEELINGS and EXTRACTS: Alternative Ingredients in Making Moisturizing Lotion

Bueno, Shyanne
Guinto, Josiah
Pante, Rondel Micko
Pormento, John Christian
Rueda, Christian
Saludez, Emmanuel

Submitted to:
Ms. Donna Espinosa

January, 2013

Group V
Ms. Sorita

Background of the Study

This Investigatory Project is all about using Citrus Peelings and other natural ingredients in making Moisturizing Lotion. The researchers were inspired by people who apply lotion made from chemicals on their skin regularly. This investigation will provide information on people that they can buy effective and affordable moisturizing lotion made from natural ingredients instead of buying and supporting products made from unnatural ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful to skin. The study will also inform people that they can make their own lotion that will prevent the skin in drying by means of using alternative natural ingredients like local citrus fruits that will be available in rural areas with financial incapability. The study will help the environment in managing waste and recycling biodegradable products like citrus fruit peelings and leftover juice extracts that people used to throw out. The citrus extracts and peelings used as ingredients will help reduce the cases of dengue due to its mosquito repellant effect and prevent skin cancer through the powerful nutrients of fruits and herbs which are widespread both in urban and rural areas.

Statement of the Problem:
The study aims to answer the following questions:
1) Can Citrus Peelings and Extracts be alternative ingredients in making Moisturizing Lotion? 2) Is the lotion made with natural ingredients an effective moisturizing lotion?

General Objective:
The main objective of the study is to prove that citrus peelings and other natural extracts used as alternative ingredients effective in making Moisturizing Lotion that will prevent dry and unhealthy skin.

Specific Objectives:
* Make an effective moisturizing lotion that will prevent dry skin * Make moisturizing lotion that will help the people economically by recycling rubbish products and managing waste * Determine whether the Citrus Peelings and extracts can be alternative ingredients in making lotion * Inform the people that there affordable moisturizing lotion are available and easy to make

There is no significant potential to use citrus fruit peelings and extracts as alternative ingredients in making moisturizing lotion.

Significance of the Study:
The useful and relevant information acquired from the study will encourage people to use the Moisturizing Lotion made with fresh Citrus peelings and natural ingredients instead of commercially industrialized lotions made from numerous chemicals that may harm your skin as well as the environment. The study could be a great help to people who are body-conscious and people who are aware of their skin sanitation and health with minimal budget cost. The results of this study will provide insights and information on how they can make their own All-Natural Lotion using fruit peelings or extracts and alternative natural ingredients. This study could also give support on environmental activities and projects through helping economically in managing garbage and waste products in our surroundings. Finally, the results could motivate the people living in both urban and rural areas with financial incapability to buy products made from natural fruit peelings and extracts together with other herb and medicinal plants or make their own All-Naturals Lotion in protecting the nature from countless virulent chemicals.

Scope and Limitations:
The researchers limit the study only to find out that citrus peelings and extracts including natural ingredients can be used for an alternative moisturizing lotion. The research also involves the effectiveness of the product in preventing dry and...
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