Investigatory Project

Topics: Educational stages, College, Education Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Good morning my fellow Bedans, our dear administrators, my co-faculty members, and to you, my dear parents. A teacher that can defy limits. The one that can lead you back where you should be. A teacher whom you can lean on. Most elementary students say that life in elementary unit is not happy if you did not experience her supervision.And also, a faculty cannot be called one if she is not present. From being a student intern way back to 1970’s, until now, she’s still teaching in elementary unit of San Beda College. As we just don’t know, she probably already had produced successful lawyers, doctors, engineers, architect and many more professionals in our world. In her work, she had already experienced ups and downs but overcome them. I can assure you that in her work, she can be called “the greatest of the greats.” Our commencement exercise speaker is none other than, one of San Beda’s treasured teachers-Mrs. Concordia Moraga. She has been teaching in San Beda for 38 years. We can say she is already a veteran in the environment of San Beda College. There were times she experience downs in her life, just like when she had a friend who passed away. After that she had gone stronger and better in teaching. From that time she told me she felt more treasured by Bedans. In what Bedans showed her, she forgot what happened and become happier than ever. To cut the long story short, let us now welcome our commencement exercise speaker! One of the veteran teacher here in San Beda College, Mrs. Concordia Moraga. Let’s giver her a loud warm of applause.
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