Investigatory Project

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  • Published: December 9, 2012
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Malunggay (Moringa Olifeira) Seeds As Capsules for Hypertension

A Science Investigatory Project

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Research II

Reina Regina S. Camus

March 2012


For the successful completion of the study, the researcher would like to express her deepest gratitude to all the people who patiently helped her in making this study possible especially to her ever-loving and caring parents who supported her morally and financially. To thank her teacher in Research II, Ms. Liza Castor for her outstanding guidance and untiring support that she had given to the improvement of her study. In addition, she would like also to give a heartfelt appreciation to the encouragement given by her friends especially to her classmates who are always ready to support and advise her. Above all, she would like to thank the Almighty Father for His help for without Him everything wouldn’t be made and done. This study will not be finished without your help. Once again, thank you for helping the researcher in finishing this Science Investigatory Project.

Reina Regina S. Camus



This piece of work is whole-heartedly dedicated to my family especially my mother who helped me decides in doing this study. For over the years, she was and still a hypertensive one. This study is also dedicated to my friends and relatives who have this “silent killer” disease which is the hypertension. And above all, our Almighty Father Who is the Ultimate Source of strength, wisdom, power and enlightenment that made this study into a reality.

-cyddryellixzilla 


This study was conducted to determine if the capsules from malunggay seeds are effective in treating hypertension. And to determine also any significant difference in blood pressure of ten hypertensive respondents before and after treatment...
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