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nvestigatory projects using fruits are available for all ages of students. Fruit is a wonderful way to introduce very young students to science. Experiments using fruit are also found in higher level education, all the way up to university level. There are so many different projects using fruit that every age group and educational level can find a suitable experiment involving fruit.Some introductory science projects with fruit involve evaluating the ripening or decomposition rate of fruits in different conditions. These types of experiments can branch out to include the effects of chemicals or temperature on environments or environmentally friendly practices like composting and biodegradable materials. Vitamin and mineral experiments can also be performed using fruit. Projects like these are performed on a very basic level for beginners, and progress to more in depth levels for student who are more advanced.Another beginner level experiment involving fruit shows how skin functions as part of the immune system. Breaking the skin of a fruit allows microbes to invade, hastening the decomposition of the fruit. Applying a barrier to the cut or other antibacterial methods to protect the break in the skin of the fruit demonstrates how these things can help prevent disease or infection once the skin is broken. Because the skin of animal serves the some of the same functions as the skin on fruit, keeping out microbes, this experiment demonstrates to young children why it is important to protect your skin and clean any injuries that break the skin to prevent infection.Other good investigatory projects with fruit include learning about pH levels and electrical experiments using fruit. The electrolytes in fruit can produce electricity that can be measured. Differing acid and mineral levels in the fruit used will give different results for these types of experiments

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