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\Ampalaya Seeds as Coffee|

Coffee is a much known beverage to the majority of the people. It is known for its stimulating effect on the functions of the brain, thus making the drinker active. Variants of coffee flavors were already produced all throughout the world aiming for the discovery of alternative sources for coffee production. The Philippine archipelago was indeed very fortunate and blessed with various natural resources ranging from the beautiful landmarks, rich sources of food, and wild diversity of living things. Bittermelon (Momordica charantia), commonly known as ampalaya, it is a fruit known for its bitter and astringent taste. Commonly, people eat its flesh and skin as food living the seeds unused. With this, we are aimed to prove the feasibility of ampalaya seeds as an alternative source for coffee making which offers better health benefits (as antioxidant) at low cost and attainability. The study aimed to prove that ampalaya seeds are capable and feasible for coffee production. In line with this, we would also want to prove weather it could serve as an antioxidant or not. We created ampalaya coffee by starting with the normal proceedings as done with other coffee known to man. We toasted and grinded the seeds until the time that it is soluble with water. The number of seeds dried, peeled and toasted was 123 seeds. The initial weight of the seeds before they were toasted was 23.3g and after they were toasted to golden brown they weight 11.4g. There appeared a difference of 11.8g before and after the seeds were toasted. After the pulverization of the seeds were obtained a sample good for 2 cups of coffee. After adding hot water to the ampalaya coffee sample, the sample dissolved in the hot water just likes any normal...
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