Investigative Plan

Topics: Crime, Police, Vehicle registration plate Pages: 7 (1509 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Unit 7: Criminal Justice Operations
Scott L. Mankewitz
Kaplan University

CJ 499: Criminal Justice Capstone
Professor Jennifer Hulvat
1 July 2012

As the newly elected Chief of Police for the City of Scottsville, TX, my first task is to create and implement a plan to deal with the recent spate of multiple daytime robberies. To complete this task, we will develop a comprehensive investigation plan, determine our technological needs, analyze and synthesize the crime data, determine which investigative unit(s) will be assigned the task, and determine what our supply and equipment needs are.

Investigative Plan
On the morning of 1 April 2012, this department was notified of the robbery of 3 retail outlets in downtown Scottsville. Subsequent investigation determined the crimes were committed by the same individuals at each location. Since the initial reports there have been 8 other robberies with similar modus operandi and suspects. It has been determined that a new investigative operation will be conducted to apprehend the suspects. All required elements for the crime of robbery have been met according to the State of Texas Penal Code, Section 29.01. This IP is an ever evolving and changing guideline.

1) Compile and review robbery police reports for previous 6 month period. Since

the recent spate of daytime robberies began approximately 3 months ago,

compiling 6 months of data with help determine if there are any similar robberies

that may have been used as practice runs by the suspects to determine

response times and security measures in place.

2) Coordinate with surrounding jurisdictions to determine if there are, or have been,

similar robberies in their areas. Coordinating with other jurisdictions will help to

see if the suspects are operating in different areas or with the same modus

operandi. Also, coordinating with other jurisdictions may reveal that if there are

available to share. Also, a task force may be created that allows each

department to share personnel and equipment, thus reducing budget hits.

3) Determine which witnesses need to be re-interviewed and conduct interviews.

Re-interviewing witnesses may produce further details that were omitted during

the initial interview process.

4) Review footage from video security cameras from victim businesses. Reviewing

footage from security cameras may lead investigators to develop suspects or

patterns of behavior. Also, any vehicles used during the robberies may have

been caught on camera and license plates could be used to identify or rule out

suspect vehicles.

5) Ensure all stolen property is input into NCIC. The National Crime Information

Center is a database used by criminal justice professionals apprehend fugitives,

locate missing persons, recover stolen property, and identify terrorists. By

entering any stolen property into the system law enforcement can be notified if

the property ends up in a pawn shop or other retail outlet.

6) Provide robbery reports to intelligence section to analyze for patterns in previous

cases. The intelligence section has the latest tracking software and can provide

spreadsheets to better coordinate times, places, vehicles used, and other

information to help determine if the same group is committing all of the robberies.

7) Determine the types of security systems in place at other retailers in the

downtown area and coordinate with the loss prevention personnel to ensure all

robbery attempts and that their security systems are working in an effort to

identify potential suspects.

8) Determine the equipment needed to provide surveillance of the downtown

business district and ensure budgetary guidelines are met. This will ensure the

proper equipment is obtained and the officers are fully aware of how it functions.

9) Identify potential...
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