Investigative Journalism

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 Nigeria journalism used to be the freest and the most professional in Africa. Nigeria journalists had a long history of standing up to dictatorship in Nigeria and indeed in Africa; be it colonial dictators or military dictatorship. Journalism has come a long way in Nigeria, from the early days of Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe's West Afr We all vicariously lived through the many vagaries and assaults upon these publications; editors when they get arrested for speaking the truth to those in power, proprietors when the newspaper offices get turned into soldiers barracks by a pre-emptive strike of the military junta. Then comes the Fourth Republic, with all the pervasive corruption and carnage stalking our land, Nigerian journalists and journalism seem to have divorced and jilted the Nigerian masses for a new lover called filthy lucre. It is as if investigative journalism is presently on vacation. You stand a better chance of finding quality investigative reports from online news media such as The Times of Nigeria, Sahara Reporters, Nigeria Even with their obvious financial and professional limitations, some of these media, established by Nigerians abroad have exposed more corruptions in Nigeria than the Nigerian mainstream media (NMM). We have had more breaking news from these media than the NMM. It is as if the mainstream media in Nigeria have been completely emasculated and castrated by its cowardly approach to investigative journalism. We are indeed in dire strait when the fourth estate of the realm, as we fondly refer to the news media in the Second Republic, have to depend on foreign based online investigative journal for news break. There are obvious limitations for these foreign based news media, they are under-funded, and some of them literally had to solicit for money from their online readers to continue publication. They are often inaccurate in their report and some have even argued that they have done more harm than good. There are myriads of reports of hard earned image tarnished because opposing politicians used these media to fight opponents. of the Nigeria media. We need to create, develop, encourage and patronize online investigative magazines, journals and forum that will serve as countervailing force for the dying art of journalism in Nigeria. The fact that the richest Nigeria news medium today makes its profit from glossy reprints of photos of corrupt Nigerian politicians celebrating their birthday and new wives in London speaks volumes about the decadence in our mainstream media. We can no longer entrust them with the future of our dear country. This is a patriotic call to stand for truth and justice in our land and eschew continued celebration of mediocrity and corruption in the last existing vanguard for the defense of Nigeria democracy. If you are a student journalist, take pride in working for these online publications.

. In investigative journalism, the media conducts their own original research and investigation to uncover a news story that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. [1] Sometimes, it is triggered from a reporter's hunch or even an outside source. For example, Washington Post 's articles revealing the Watergate scandal involving President Richard Nixon through the famous "Deep Throat" outside source. Over the years, investigative reporting has steadily declined. Assuming the reports are valid, investigative journalism can improve mediated deliberation by serving as an objective, unbiased source. Reporters may present the necessary information and facts of an issue needed for individuals to decide then whether or not future action needs to take place. Types of journalism

Fashion journalism: Fashion journalism is all about articles or reports related to the fashion world. Journalists are also known as fashion writers or fashion editors. The primary job is to cover the latest in the fashion business or develop lifestyle...
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