Investigation Process

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Genevieve Prevete

Dr. Cozine

Security Investigations


Question 1

An investigation is a process in which there is a search inquiry for ascertaining facts. It is a detailed and careful process. There are different types of investigations, which come with different types of investigators. However, with that said the steps in an investigation are the same in every process. The process consists of five basic steps, identify the problem, gather facts, develop a hypothesis, continue to develop further information, and then finally to draw a conclusion. This process can be an ongoing circle until that final conclusion is reached.

The first step of this process is identifying the problem. This step is somewhat similar to the planning and direction process in the intelligence cycle. The most important step is to make sure there is a clear and concise problem that needs to be looked into further. An example of this is the episode of NCIS where a boy scouts group is having a tour of the NCIS building. When Special Agent McGee brings the boys to Abby’s lab, she explains the IAFIS machine and she uses a boy to demonstrate. When his fingerprint is read, it states he is kidnapped. That right there is your problem. This now sets up for the second step of this cycle.

Gathering facts is a key role in the investigation process. When the problem is identified, it cues the gathering process to begin. Information begins to unravel and the details of what happened slowly start to come through. However, this information is just the start of all the info that is still yet to be found. When McGee and Abby inform Special Agent Gibbs of the situation they begin to gather immediate facts about the boy, where he lives, who he lives with etc. They kept him in the office while the other boy scouts were dismissed to go home. He begins to ask the boy about himself. This information allows the team to talk to the boy and see if the facts they find match with what he...
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