Investigation of the Health, Safety and Environmental Hazards in the Lime Burning Industry in Uganda

Topics: Calcium oxide, Combustion, Occupational safety and health Pages: 58 (13305 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Project Title:
Investigation of health, safety and environmental hazards in the lime burning industry in Uganda A case study of Nomson Lime Limited By KAAYA JOSEPH (+256774560185,

To all who have encouraged and helped me throughout the period of carrying out my final year project, I wish to extend my appreciation to my supervisor and co-supervisor Mr. Kasedde Hillary and Dr. Adam Sebbit respectively who continuously guided me throughout the entire period. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the management and the staff of Nomson Lime Limited who allowed me to carryout my research from there. I also extend my appreciation to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Kizito who financially supported me in order to successfully complete my project. I also extend my appreciation to my brothers, sisters and friends who advised me during the period of carrying out my project, not forgetting Sophie, Dr.Hawa, and Michael Joel. May the almighty God bless you.

I would like to dedicate this report to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Kizito who have endeavored to support me up to the end of my studies.

[pic] Calcium Carbonate

CaO Calcium Oxide (Quick lime)

Ca [pic] Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated lime)

[pic] Methane

CO Carbon monoxide

[pic] Carbon dioxide

EHS Environmental, Health and Safety

HCL Hydrogen chloride

HF Hydrogen fluoride
MSD Musculoskeletal disorder

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets

[pic] Nitrous oxide

[pic] Nitrogen oxides

OHS Occupational Health and Safety
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (United States) PCBs Polychlorinated biphenyls

PCDDs Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins
PCDFs Polychlorinated Dibenzofurans
PM particulate matter

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

[pic] Sulphur oxides

VOC Volatile organic compounds


Figure 1: Lime burning kiln at Nomson lime limited1
Figure 2: Sieving Process at Nomson Lime Limited3
Figure 3: process scheme for Lime burning26
Figure 4: process flowchart for Lime burning27
Figure 5: % contributions of hazards at Nomson Lime ltd42
Figure 6: contributions of each hazard44
Figure 7: Calcining process46
Figure 8: Workers at Nomson pushing the Firewood logs to charge the kiln47 Figure 9: Bagging process at Nomson47
Figure 10: Sieving process at Nomson48
Figure 11: Pie chart showing the Health hazards contributions49 Figure 12: Limestone crushing at Nomson50
Figure 13 : Grinding machine at Nomson Lime Ltd51
Figure 14: safety hazards and their contributions51
Figure 15: Kiln offloading process at Nomson52
Figure 16: Calcination process emissions to the environment53 Figure 17: Smoke laden atmosphere at Nomson during Lime burning operation53 Figure 18: Environmental hazards and their contributions54


Table 1: Lime burning processes, events and their respective outcomes.29 Table 2: Probability of Occurrence Ranking Factors34
Table 3: Numerical Values and Definitions for Impacts on health, safety and Environment35 Table 4: Probability of Occurrence Ranking for Hazards of Concern36 Table 5: Ranking of Hazards of concern37

Table 6: Total Risk Ranking Value for Hazards of Concern40
Table 7: Hazard Ranking Results for Hazards of Concern41


This study assesses the health, safety and environmental hazards in the lime burning industry in Uganda, taking a case study of Nomson Lime Limited. Key issues of concern here are:

• The potentially hazardous manufacturing processes used in the lime burning industry.

• The little emphasis put to the health, safety and environmental hazards involved.

• Lack of proper statistics and detailed documentation regarding the...
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