Investigation of the Effect of Light Intensity

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Investigation of the effect of light intensity
* Data loga
* Light sensor
* Bulb
* Metre ruler X3
Independent variable – distance of the light sensor from the light source (m) Dependant variable – intensity of light (lux)
Control| Why it needs to be controlled?| How will you control it?| Bulb| There are different watts in different bulbs| Use the same bulb, but if your one does break half way through the experiment you can use another bulb with the same amount of watts. Different watts in different bulbs could affect the intensity of the light, since the more wattage, the more intensity because it is brighter.| Light sensor| Some sensors might be different and/or they might be manufactured differently| Use the same light sensor because each sensor might be programmed in a way that if you use it with a different data loga, a different type of connection might affect the sensor. So try and use the same sensor.| Data loga| Some data loga’s could have different programmes/settings| Use the same data loga because each data loga might be programmed in a way that if you use it with a different light sensor, a different type of connection might affect the data loga. So try and use the data loga.| Environmental conditions| * Lights could come through the blinds * Lights in the room could be at angles * Other lights form the same experiments| * To control this risk you could shut the blinds to minimise the amount of light that travels through the window * Turn off the light because, since light travels in straight lines it could bounce of other pieces of equipment, so if you turn them off you will get less chance of light hitting the light sensor * Move rooms, or go into the corner of a class room where the sensor cannot be affected form other light sources.|

Risk Assessment:
Risk| Why is it a risk?| How can we reduce it?| Limitations| Bulb (light source)| * It could get hot and could...
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