Investigation of Online Service Quality of Hsbc, with Regard to Customer Satisfaction Case Study Based on Hsbc Bank (Uk)

Topics: Bank, Quality of service, Online banking Pages: 59 (18394 words) Published: July 12, 2013
Investigation of online service quality of HSBC, with regard to customer satisfaction Case study based on HSBC Bank (UK)

Nishar chozhivalappil

Dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree in master of business administration at University of wales

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The theoretical methodology adopted in this research study has been developed according to an existing methodology which was designed in measuring the quality of online services offered by the HSBC bank. Mathematical analysis has been conducted on the basis of experiential data which has been collected via quantitative research techniques along with the design & the distribution of a questioner. The original theoretical methodology has been amended according to the findings of an analysis carried out. As such there are four basic subjects in relation to measuring of quality of online services offered by banking trade which includes (Service Performance, Website Characteristics, Communication and Efficiency) along with 29 statements. At the same time the amended model has been used in evaluating the consumer satisfaction with the distinguished stage of the online banking services. On the basis of the results of the examination carried out, managerial recommendations have also been mentioned. This research has also provided directions to carry out further researches on the quality of online banking services.


Firstly, I would like to give my very special gratitude to my supervisor Mr. Kevin O’ Hara and under his supervision, guidance, cooperation it wasn’t a hard endeavor for me. And also, I should appreciate +++++ and his big support through out whole study. Specially, the helpful managers and friendly staff members of HSBC Bank offer my honest gratitude and thank you very much for dedicating your valuable time for me. If you felt some difficulties during my data collection process, I would like get your forgiveness at this moment. Finally, I must give my greatest thanking to my beloved parents and friends who always encouraged me and expected my success.


1.1 Background13
1.2 Research site16
1.3 Problem Discussion16
1.4 The purpose of this study17
1.5 Research Questions17
1.6 Research Objective17
1.7 whole Research Approaches18
1.8 Structure of the Research18
2.1 Introduction23
2.2 Traditional Services Quality24
2.2.1 Frequency of Dimension on Internet Banking Quality26
2.3 Theoretical models to measure customers perceive the quality of a service27 2.3.1 SERVQUAL27
2.4 Standard of e-services.29
2.4.1 Assessing online Service quality using E-SQ (E-S-QUAL and E-RecS-QUAL) Model30 2.4.2 E-service quality33
2.5 Customer Satisfaction34
2.5.1 Customer Satisfaction and Perceived Service Quality34 2.5.2. Models/Ideas on customer contentment35
2.6 Conceptual framework for this research36
2.7 Epirical Past Findings related quality of online banking services38 2.8 Summary of the Theoretical Framework40
3.1 Introduction41
3.2 Snapshot of Overall Research Approach42
3.3 Theoretical Methodology43
3.3.1 Research Philosophy44
3.2.3 Research Approaches46
3.3.4 Research Strategy47
3.3.5 Time Horizons50
3.4 Practical Research Approach50
3.5 Target Group (Population)50
3.5.1 Sample size51
3.5.2 Sample Method51
3.6.1 Data Collection Devices52 Validating the Returned Questionnaires53
3.6.2 Secondary Sources(Periodicals Analysis )54
3.7 Research) alidation55
3.8 Ethical Consideration56
3.9 Various Limitation56
3.10 Summary57
4.1 Introduction58
4.2 Methodology for Data Analysis58
4.4 General Data of the Participants61
4.5 Analysis of Survey...
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