Investigation of Craters

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Physics teacher support material Investigation 2

Does the weight of the ball affect the depth of the crater formed? VARIABLES I dropped balls onto some sand to make craters. The height at which the different balls were dropped at was the independent variable, where the depth of the crater was the dependent variable. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION The height at which the ball was dropped from was kept the same, but the weight of each ball was changed. This was to show how the weight of the ball can affect the depth of the crater which it created. The height that the ball was dropped was 20 cm, and the original depth of the sand of 2 cm. I used 5 different sized balls, a scale, a meter ruler, and sand in a tray. Firstly, the apparatus is to be assembled. When this was done I then began to weigh the different balls on a scale to find their different weights. I will choose the heaviest ball and drop it first. When the ball is dropped into the sand I then will measure the depth of the hole or crater that is made. The depth will be affected by the weight but also the amount of gravity acting on it, for example this is commonly shown on the moon when asteroids hit it and create large craters. Also I chose to use sand rather than then another type of material to drop the balls on as it was easier to measure the depth of each crater. After the depth of the crater has been measured with the largest ball, I will repeat this method three more times with the same ball to get an average. Each ball will follow the same method and each result will be put into a results table shown below. Results Table Weight / g Depth / cm 115 1.5 46 0.8 17 0.7 7 0.4 5 0.6 And then you can see the data from the results table presented on the graph below.

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Physics teacher support material Investigation 2

CONCLUSION AND EVALUATION By looking at the results shown in the graph is it seen that as the weight of the ball decreases so does the...
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